Former Nebraska Senator,ken schilz Engages in Ghana -Nebraska Partnership Talk with Deputy Agric Minister

Former Nebraska Senator,ken schilz Engages in Ghana -Nebraska Partnership Talk with Deputy Agric Minister

Former Nebraska Senator and Co-Founder of  GhaNeb LLC ,Ken Schilz,  embarked on a purpose-driven seven-day visit to Ghana, meticulously arranged by Ghaneb LLC in collaboration with Agrihouse Foundation.
The primary objective of this strategic visit Was  to cultivate robust partnerships and foster shared opportunities and advancements between Ghana and Nebraska, focusing on Agriculture,Finance ,ICT,Exchange programs among others .Schilz, on Wednesday 1st November 2023 , engaged in a crucial meeting with Hon. Yaw Frimpong Addo,the Deputy Minister for Food and Agriculture (Crops).

This pivotal one-on-one interaction set the stage for potential collaborations, particularly emphasizing agricultural development and environmental sustainability initiatives.

During the courtesy call,Mr Schilz accentuated the shared interests and vast potential for collaboration between Ghana and Nebraska, particularly in the agricultural sphere.


“The convergence of interests between our regions holds immense promise, particularly in the agricultural landscape. The opportunities for mutual growth are abundant,” Schilz underscored.

In response, Hon. Yaw Frimpong Addo acknowledged Nebraska’s advancements in agricultural technology and emphasized the pivotal role of partnerships in advancing Ghana’s agricultural sector.“Leveraging Nebraska’s expertise and technology can be transformative for Ghana. Collaborative efforts are fundamental in driving innovation and progress in our agricultural practices,” expressed the Deputy Minister, emphasizing the potential for mutual growth.

The first day itinerary, also featured an illuminating meeting with management of  Accra Compost and Recycling Plant, and tour of the plant , guided by Mr. Michael Paidtuwor, the Managing Director. This detailed visit provided profound insights into sustainable waste management practices and showcased the scope for mutual knowledge exchange and advancements between the two regions.

Mr. Michael Paidtuwor elaborated on the plant’s pioneering methods for converting organic waste into premium compost, significantly contributing to Ghana’s environmental sustainability initiatives.

 “Accra Compost and Recycling Plant is dedicated to sustainable waste management. Our expertise in converting organic waste into premium compost is instrumental in supporting environmental conservation and sustainable agriculture in Ghana,” emphasized the Managing Director.

Looking ahead, this partnership signifies a robust alliance that could yield substantial advancements in agricultural practices and environmental sustainability. Further discussions and collaborative projects between Nebraska and Ghana promise an enduring relationship, fostering development and shared success.


Facilitating Partnerships: Ghaneb LLC and Agrihouse Foundation Foster Collaborations Between Nebraska and Ghana

Ghaneb LLC, in collaboration with Agrihouse Foundation, recently hosted the first Nebraska-Ghana Trade and Investment Program and the Husker Harvest Days event in Lincoln, Nebraska. The event,  took place from 11th to 14th September 2023 under the theme ‘Facilitating Opportunities.

The program involved meaningful discussions and presentations, offering insights into legal, agricultural, and marketing aspects. Delegates engaged in fruitful discussions with various Nebraska-based companies, exploring trade collaborations,parnerships  and business opportunities.

The visit to the Husker Harvest Days event grounds was a pivotal highlight for the Ghanaian delegates. They expressed appreciation for the cutting-edge technologies and positive interactions with exhibitors and vendors, foreseeing future collaborations.

Delegates also met with educational institutions like Southeast Community College and Nebraska State University, exploring the prospect of enrolling Ghanaian students in the near future.

The program, organized by Ghaneb LLC and Agrihouse Foundation, aims to drive innovation and growth in the agricultural sector, fostering new avenues for both regions to prosper. These collaborations are anticipated to promote sustainable practices and contribute to the growth of agricultural sectors in Ghana and Nebraska.

The Ghanaian delegation who participated in the 1st Nebraska-Ghana Trade and Investment Program and experienced the Husker Harvest Days included; Hon. Yaw Frimpong-Addo, Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture (Crops), Mr. Fifi Fiavi Kwetey, General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress, representing former President John Dramani Mahama.
The rest were,  Dr. Ansah Solomon Gyan, Director of Crop Services at the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, and Michael Kofi Akoto, Trade Promotion and Commercial Officer at the Embassy of Brazil, Mr. Mohammed Mashud, Chief Executive Director of Cudjoe Abimash Farms, Nana Osuman Abdulai, Managing Director of A.N.O Enterprise/Nana Atta Akara Co. Ltd, Al-Ayadi Fares Mohammed Khear, Irrigation Service Manager at Interplast and Alhaji  Akakade Moro, Chairman of the Ghana Federation of Livestock Inter-Professionals (GHAFLIP).

Others included, Mashud Mohammed, Operation Manager at Agripower, Dorothy Opoku, General Manager of Agricultural Manufacturing Group Limited, Kwabena Danquah, General Manager of Operations at Agricultural Manufacturing Group, Janet Adade ,Chief executive officer,Elsjyne Enterprise ,Seidu Abubakar, Project Specialist for Commercial Agriculture at Savannah Zone Agricultural Productivity Development Project (SAPIP), and Sunkwa-Mills of T&C Farms.

Fidelity Bank’s Head of Agribusiness, Patrick Opoku, and Real Estate Investors Monica and Collins Atta Oteng, of Collinmon Investment Limited, were also present.

Picture Gallery from the First Nebraska-Ghana Trade and Investment Program and the Husker Harvest Days event in Lincoln, Nebraska

EUGAP Advocates for Sustainable Agricultural Transformation

EUGAP Advocates for Sustainable Agricultural Transformation

Recognizing agriculture as a vital lifeline that sustains populations, economies, and National development, Reuben Binpori, the Inclusive Business Models Expert for  the European Union Ghana Agricultural Programme (EUGAP) and the Market-Oriented Agricultural Program in North West Ghana (MOAP NW), passionately urged the agricultural sector to redouble its efforts in constructing a more sustainable and resilient agricultural framework.

Speaking at the 13th Annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Conference and Exhibition’s closing ceremony held at the Agrihouse Agri-Village Learning, Training, Innovation, and Demonstration site in Kudula, Northern Region, Mr. Reuben Binpori emphasized the urgent need for renewed purpose and commitment in cultivating a more sustainable and resilient agricultural sector. This imperative is especially pressing in the face of escalating concerns regarding climate change and food security. Adopting sustainable agricultural systems is crucial.

Mr. Binpori highlighted significant advancements made by EUGAP, noting that over 70,000 farmers, agro-input dealers, and agro-processors have undergone capacity-building initiatives. These efforts have heightened the necessity for market systems, certifications, and the promotion of integrated business models to fortify the sector.

“As development partners in Ghana’s agricultural sector, our focus lies in creating robust, competitive, and sustainable platforms that interconnect value chains. Through these platforms, our aim is to achieve higher quality and quantity of farm produce reaching markets, ensuring collective food security, and providing improved access to capital for smallholder farmers and other value chain actors,” expressed Binpori.

“Sustainable agriculture is not a choice but a necessity. We must wholeheartedly embrace innovative solutions, from precision farming techniques to organic farming methods, to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come,” he added

He also highlighted that the European Union Ghana Agricultural Programme continues to support their partners with resources and practical knowledge, empowering them to promote and adopt intelligent climate and good agricultural practices. Additionally, numerous initiatives introduced by EUGAP through the MOAP-NW and REACH component project continue to have a significant impact on the agricultural sector.

Throughout the 3-day 13th annual pre-harvest conference and exhibition, a diverse array of experts shared insights encompassing sustainable business and farming practices, climate-sensitive agricultural production, and technological advancements. He used the opportunity to call for more collaborations among farmers, researchers, policymakers, and industry players to drive meaningful change within the agricultural industry.

Expressing deep gratitude, he commended Agrihouse Foundation for their enriching contributions in improving the agricultural sector through ,the annual pre-harvest agribusiness conference and exhibition .

He also encouraged farmers and actors in the agricultural value chain to embrace a renewed sense of purpose and commitment, marking a vital step towards establishing a more sustainable and resilient agricultural sector.


Youth Encouraged to Venture into Agriculture

Youth Encouraged to Venture into Agriculture

Alhaji Alhassan Issahaku, the Chief Director of the Northern Regional Coordinating Council, speaking on behalf of the Northern Regional Minister Hon. Shani Alhassan Saibu, at the 13th Annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Conferences and Exhibition organized by Agrihouse Foundation in Kudula, Tamale.  conveyed an emphatic call to the youth to take an active role in agribusiness, underscoring the need for robust youth engagement in agriculture, citing it as a pivotal cornerstone of the economy and a primary source of livelihood for a significant proportion of the population.

Addressing participants, at the 13th annual pre-harvest agribusiness conference, held under the theme: connecting the unconnected the farmer, the input dealer and the processor, Alhaji Alhassan issahaku elucidated on the compelling reasons behind the advocacy for greater youth participation in agribusiness. Central to his address was the economic contribution that the young generation could offer.

He emphasized how the active involvement of the youth in agriculture could markedly enhance regional economic development. Youth engagement, he emphasized, could bolster employment opportunities, foster entrepreneurship, and augment income, thereby advancing the economic landscape of the region.
Upholding Food Security and Technological Innovation
The Chief Director of the Northern Regional Coordinating Council emphasized the vital role of the younger generation in maintaining consistent food production. He underscored that their active participation could bring innovative farming practices into effect, meeting the burgeoning demands of an ever-growing population. Further, he pointed out the potential for technological innovation, highlighting that the tech-savvy skills of the youth could revolutionize traditional farming methods, resulting in enhanced productivity and efficiency in the agricultural sector.

Stressing that the youthful demographic brings fresh outlooks and environmental awareness, integral in promoting eco-friendly agricultural practices. The sustainability of farming, he suggested, rests on the shoulders of the younger generation who are well-equipped to adopt practices that foster long-term environmental balance.
He also deliberated on the significance of youth engagement in addressing rural development. By encouraging the youth to take part in agriculture, rural areas can be revitalized, promoting economic opportunities and curbing mass migration to urban centres.