Alhaji Alhassan Issahaku, the Chief Director of the Northern Regional Coordinating Council, speaking on behalf of the Northern Regional Minister Hon. Shani Alhassan Saibu, at the 13th Annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Conferences and Exhibition organized by Agrihouse Foundation in Kudula, Tamale.  conveyed an emphatic call to the youth to take an active role in agribusiness, underscoring the need for robust youth engagement in agriculture, citing it as a pivotal cornerstone of the economy and a primary source of livelihood for a significant proportion of the population.

Addressing participants, at the 13th annual pre-harvest agribusiness conference, held under the theme: connecting the unconnected the farmer, the input dealer and the processor, Alhaji Alhassan issahaku elucidated on the compelling reasons behind the advocacy for greater youth participation in agribusiness. Central to his address was the economic contribution that the young generation could offer.

He emphasized how the active involvement of the youth in agriculture could markedly enhance regional economic development. Youth engagement, he emphasized, could bolster employment opportunities, foster entrepreneurship, and augment income, thereby advancing the economic landscape of the region.
Upholding Food Security and Technological Innovation
The Chief Director of the Northern Regional Coordinating Council emphasized the vital role of the younger generation in maintaining consistent food production. He underscored that their active participation could bring innovative farming practices into effect, meeting the burgeoning demands of an ever-growing population. Further, he pointed out the potential for technological innovation, highlighting that the tech-savvy skills of the youth could revolutionize traditional farming methods, resulting in enhanced productivity and efficiency in the agricultural sector.

Stressing that the youthful demographic brings fresh outlooks and environmental awareness, integral in promoting eco-friendly agricultural practices. The sustainability of farming, he suggested, rests on the shoulders of the younger generation who are well-equipped to adopt practices that foster long-term environmental balance.
He also deliberated on the significance of youth engagement in addressing rural development. By encouraging the youth to take part in agriculture, rural areas can be revitalized, promoting economic opportunities and curbing mass migration to urban centres.