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Agrihouse Foundation is a non-governmental agricultural capacity building organization, with a special focus on the promotion of, and changing perception of agriculture through tactical programs and initiatives for students, women, farmers, farming associations, agribusinesses and the entire actors within the value chain.


Our initiatives focuses on empowerment, grooming, leadership, best practices, management training programs, etc., that leads to effecting positive change in the mind, field, economy  and translate to the community in which we operate or live in.

Furthermore, Agric. Exhibitions, Trade Promotions, Research, Communications, Concept creation and Investor relations is our passion and in our hearts, in driving and shaping the Agricultural conversations in Ghana and beyond. We have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the agric. sector, media overview and its dynamics. 


The Foundation desires to create focused platforms, dedicated to increase innovation, communication, advocacy, and initiate high impactful agriculture projects that cut across all sex and acts: men, women, students, farmers, governments, etc. The Foundation works in close collaboration with its sister company (Agrihouse Communications), both of which are led by the founder, who is a strong Agric. Advocate and a seasoned communications executive.


Agrihouse Foundation is passionate about Agriculture and wants to see Agriculture rise and work. With a combined effort and experience spanning over 30 years, the team at Agrihouse foundation is passionate about positioning and shaping the conversation on agriculture through smart thinking, effective communication and impactful Agric-friendly projects.


The passion of the organization is to initiate and drive projects that will address issues and challenges in agriculture and generate thoughtful discussions and talkability, among stakeholders and ultimately provide step-by-step solutions.


We derive satisfaction in making agriculture lively, exciting, competitive, Practical engaging and fruitful.

Our Mission

Agrihouse Foundation is committed to ensuring that our initiatives influence the agricultural agenda.

Our Vision

To remain a stronger positive force with a united voice, promoting agriculture through exhibitions, advocacy works, capacity building programs, community development programs, demonstrations, tours, dance-drama, publications & write-ups, conferences, seminars, workshops, trade mission works and in all innovative ways. 

We aim to remain committed to bettering ourselves and the future of Ghana’s agriculture through data-driven communications and advocacy

Our Approach

Agrihouse Foundation is committed to ensuring that our initiatives influence the agricultural agenda.


Initiatives & Projects Implementation

Interventional Exhibitions




Research and data collection

Conference & Workshops

Training Programs

Market linkages

Conferences and Exhibitions

People Impact Programs


Field demos

Trade Shows


Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa is a strategic PR practitioner and Consultant with specialties in Public Relations, Government relations, Reputation Management, Corporate communications, media relations, issues and crisis management, digital, communications, training programs, and events management.

Alberta has over seventeen (17) years’ experience in the communications field, providing strategic direction, management overview and practical implementation advice on key clients’ accounts, government initiatives and programs.

She has extensive knowledge and experience in corporate positioning, reputation management, crisis communication and issues management.

Alberta is also responsible for championing all clients’ projects, lobbying for speaker platforms, besides establishing government and stakeholder relations.

She has undertaken extensive research for multinational companies in Liberia, Gabon and Guinea – making the entry into such markets much easier for those clients.


Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa




We use a partnership approach to every engagement. We work as a team and with clients / farmers/ stakeholders in mutual respect and appreciation of all perspectives. Our partnership approach both internally and externally, amplifies our collective knowledge

Agrihouse Foundation’s Work in<br /> Agriculture

Agrihouse Foundation is into strong agricultural advocacy by engaging on numerous platforms. The Foundation writes a weekly column on agricultural issues in the Business and Financial Times Newspaper in Ghana.

The Foundation initiated the AG-STUD Africa event (Agric. student Career and Mentorship Bootcamp), WOFAGRIC and the Gold in the Soil Awards. The work of the Foundation has enabled it to win key projects from the USAID, USDA, Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Yara Ghana, Interplast Ghana, OCP, Kosmos Energy, etc. The Foundation currently manages the USDA’s GPP Poultry fair and partly supports the organization of the  USAID ATT Pre-season event.

Agrihouse Foundation is now the lead organizer of the USAID ADVANCE’s  interventional market linkage event – “Pre-harvest Agribusiness Exhibitions and Conference”, The Pre-harvest have been organized by the USAID ADVANCE for the past 7 years and as part of efforts to sustain and scale it up, it’s been handed over to Agrihouse Foundation. The 8th edition was funded by the World Food Programme (WFP).

This 8th edition held in Tamale, had over 3000 participants registered at the Pre-Harvest Event. The participants cut across Buyers, Farmers, Aggregators, Input Dealers, Service Providers, and NGOs. The partners of the Event were USAID’s ADVANCE, World Food Programme, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the Northern Regional Coordinating Council.  Other sponsors included Ecobank, Yara Ghana, Tata John Deere, Mel Consulting Limited, Kosmos Energy, Interplast, Hatoum Trading Company, LK International and RMG with Daily Guide, Ahoto FM, Radio 1, Agricinghana and infonetghana.com as media partners.

About 130 business deals were made during the Exhibition and conference event. More than GHS1,701,420 and GHS1,078,745 worth of goods were sold and bought respectively by visitors, participants, attendees, etc while about GHS1,270,000 and GHS2,794,972 worth of good were sold and bought respectively by the Exhibitors. 

Agrihouse managed the Exhibitions for the 33rd National Farmers’ Day Awards for the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

The Foundation also runs a sister agency, Agrihouse Communications, which provides premier data-driven Agricultural focused PR, Media services, Research, Public Affairs, Government relations, crisis management and Events management.  The Foundation also functions as the projects consultants for the Secretariat of the National Farmers and Fishermen Award Winners Association and the local representatives for the leading global exhibitions company – Reeds Exhibitions.

The Foundation is planning to introduce a number of interventions/programmes including the National Farmers Convention, which is a gathering of all farmers to discuss issues with policy, market access, finance, and having a common voice for growth. This is to be done in collaboration with the Award winners association.

 It also plans to introduce in January, 2019, the Community Supported Agriculture – Agrihouse Farmers’ Market to support Small scale farmers sell off their produce easily.


With the high interest of people wanting to venture into Agriculture, the Foundation will also commence its Agri-business Monthly Master Class series dubbed “Quit your job to Farm Master, an executive course designed purposely to help people who want to develop and master a particular aspect of the agric value chain.


 The Foundation is well positioned to ensure successful implementation of all interventions designed. The broad goal of these proposed projects is enhancing value chain development.

Objectives of the Collaboration

The Foundation is seeking to work in line with partners and organisations to improve agriculture in Ghana, Africa and ultimately the world over. Our programs will help to achieve the outcomes that help to build assets, develop technologies, partnerships and models that if scaled can have significant impact on the status of inclusive agriculture in Ghana. The specific objectives of our collaborations are to:

  • Increased staple crop productivity for smallholder farmers
  • Strengthened and expanded access to output markets
  • Strengthened continental, regional and government multi-sectoral coordination, and mutual accountability in the agricultural sector

Target Group

Activities under our concepts are targeted at smallholder farmers including women in agriculture. There is special emphasis on gender where it is estimated beneficiaries of all the proposed activities will comprise 50% women.

We also target the youth, students, policy makers, Government, institutions, commercial farmers, stakeholders along the value chain, executives, and entrepreneurs, basically everyone.


The aim of our collaborations is to create a platform for linkage of ideas, agribusinesses, and dissemination of information towards transformation of the agriculture sector in Ghana for enhanced development of enterprises along agriculture commodity value chains in Ghana.

Target Locations

Selected regions across the 10 regions of Ghana depending on the particular activity to be organized



The Agrihouse Foundation Team is a mix of both genders who are led by a highly competent executive. The females are all of various professional and educational backgrounds that put the organization in a position to better understand and identify with the needs of its target women clients in agriculture, agribusiness, and general commerce. The combined competencies of the team serve as core strength in providing innovative solutions to agricultural productivity challenges. The team has developed a strong expertise in promoting trade shows and agricultural marketing to ensure overall success of ‘agritrade’ in Ghana and beyond.

In the Spotlight


We have been working very hard to be the power behind most of your favourits  events







we are leaders and experts in disciplines and in industry sectors; teams are led by senior practitioners in their fields


we use a partnership approach to every engagement. We work as a team and with clients in mutual respect and appreciation of all perspectives. Our partnership approach both internally and externally, amplifies our collective knowledge.


Curiosity is in our DNA…It’s our lifeblood. The power of our curious minds helps us to identify and provide measurable solutions and develop appropriate strategies for our partners.


we manage but perform above expectations. We take and drive initiatives and we work constantly, in line with our corporate purpose ambitions and personal goals.


We seek out the seemingly impossible and create solutions when we face problems.


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