Ghana’s poultry sector is at a critical juncture, with industry experts and stakeholders calling for increased support and patronage to unlock its full potential. Predominantly driven by small to medium-scale producers, the sector is essential for providing affordable protein and creating employment opportunities across the country.

Data from the Ghana National Association of Poultry Farmers (GNAPF) and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency reveal that there are 40 large-scale commercial poultry farms in Ghana, mainly located in the Ashanti, Bono, and Ahafo regions. Despite this progress, Ghana spends close to $254 million on imported poultry meat, making it the 24th largest importer of poultry meat in the world.

Despite its significance, the industry faces numerous challenges. One major issue is the high cost of poultry feed, which accounts for about 70% of production costs. The reliance on imported maize and soybean meal, coupled with the absence of local feed mills, makes feed prices prohibitively expensive for many farmers.

Inadequate infrastructure also hampers productivity and affects the quality of poultry products. Many farms lack modern facilities, including proper housing for birds, efficient waste management systems, and cold chain logistics to maintain meat quality.

Access to finance remains another significant challenge. Small and medium-scale poultry farmers often struggle to secure loans due to high-interest rates and stringent collateral requirements, preventing them from expanding their operations and investing in better technology.

Disease management is yet another pressing issue. The sector is vulnerable to outbreaks of diseases like Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease. Inadequate veterinary services and poor biosecurity measures exacerbate these problems, leading to significant losses for farmers.

To help improve Ghana’s poultry sector, Agrihouse Foundation introduced the Ghana Poultry Day initiative four years ago to promote the consumption and patronage of Ghana’s poultry sector, raise awareness about the pivotal role played by the poultry industry in areas such as employment generation, food security, and economic growth to help foster a greater appreciation for this sector among stakeholders and the public and fortify   its growth and sustainability.

The Ghana Poultry Day event have for the part years also help promote the nutritional and medicinal values of Ghanaian produced poultry, highlighting its lower toxin levels, reduced fat content, and higher Vitamin D. The event also educates the public on the benefits of consuming locally bred poultry   including its anticancer properties and lower cholesterol levels.

Speaking at the launch and mini stakeholder meeting of the 4th Ghana Poultry Day, Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa, Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation, highlighted the critical role of patronage in overcoming challenges faced by Ghana’s poultry sector. She stated, “Encouraging Ghanaians to patronize Ghana produced poultry is crucial for the industry’s growth by this we do not only supports the economy by keeping money within the country but also creates jobs and reduces the outflow of foreign exchange used for imports.”

Ms.Akosa also urged Ghanaians to start domestic poultry rearing and home gardens to enhance food security.

Looking forward to the event, Ms Akosa mentioned that the upcoming Ghana Poultry Day, scheduled for July 1, 2024, at the forecourt of the State House in Accra, will feature a dynamic program of activities including personality -advocate chef cooking competition; where MP’s, Footballers, Ambassadors, Queen mothers, media personalities, schools and women farmers will use our  poultry product to prepare different recipes which will be shared to the public for free ,there will also be town hall discussions and Exhibitions.

Dr. Comfort Acheampong, Coordinator of the Ghana National Egg Campaign Secretariat and Chairperson for the Ghana Poultry Day, stressed the importance of advocacy and promotion to strengthen Ghana’s poultry industry.

 She explained, “We must collectively work to overcome the challenges facing our poultry sector through strategic advocacy and promotion. Our efforts should focus on creating awareness and encouraging the consumption of locally produced poultry products. This not only supports local farmers but also ensures that our economy benefits from reduced import dependence.”

Dr. Acheampong called upon stakeholders, policymakers, and the public to rally behind initiatives like the Ghana Poultry Day to strengthen the sector and increase the consumption of locally produced poultry products. She asserted, “With concerted effort, the industry can overcome its current challenges and thrive.”

Adding to the discussion, Mr. Bright Manye, Deputy Director for the Animal Production Directorate at the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, emphasized the need for collective action. He pointed out, “The high cost of feed, which constitutes about 70% of production costs, makes it difficult for local farmers to achieve profitability. Any marginal change in feed prices significantly impacts the farmers’ bottom lines.”

Manye highlighted that in 2020, domestic chicken meat production in Ghana was around 40,000 metric tons, while imported chicken meat reached 150,000 metric tons. He noted, “Farmers also struggle with the costs of day-old chicks, vaccines, utilities, and the lack of quality processing facilities.”

He went on to discuss government initiatives aimed at tackling these challenges, such as the Livestock Development Project, the National Livestock Services Project, the Ghana Poultry Project, the Rearing for Food and Jobs Programme, and the Savannah Investment Programme. He mentioned, “One of the new initiatives, the West Africa Food System Resilience Project, aims to support anchor farmers in producing about 2 million broilers. Additionally, under the Planting for Food and Jobs II program, funding has been secured to produce 6 million birds, with more support anticipated through the Harnessing Agriculture Productivity and Prosperity for the Youth (HAPPY) Project.”

Manye concluded by emphasizing the potential of the poultry industry to create jobs and stimulate economic activities. “A thriving poultry industry can create jobs, particularly for women and youth, and stimulate economic activities,” he said. “This includes input supply, production, processing, marketing, and auxiliary services like husbandry, veterinary services, transportation, and equipment maintenance.”

Finally, Mr. Jones Aruna Nelson, Director of Corporate Affairs at the Ghana Tourism Authority, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with Agrihouse Foundation.

“Our collaboration with Agrihouse Foundation for the 4th Ghana Poultry Day highlights our dedication to promoting agriculture as a key driver for enhancing Ghana’s tourism industry. This initiative marks a new era of celebration, and we are excited that the conversation on Agri-Tourism has begun with the Ghana Tourism Authority through the Ghana Poultry Day. The celebration of Ghana Poultry Day perfectly aligns with our mission to promote Ghana’s cultural heritage. Events like these attract both local and international tourists, significantly boosting our tourism sector. “He remarked

The 4th Ghana Poultry Day is organized by Agrihouse Foundation in partnership with the Ghana Tourism Authority and supported by various organizations, including the World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (WISHH), the Ghana National Egg Campaign Secretariat, the Ghana National Association of Poultry Farmers, and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. Key sponsors include Amas Farms, Labianca Company Limited, 10th September Spices, Agrogenics Ghana Limited, and Maphlix Trust Ghana Ltd, Ghana Incentive-Based Risk-Sharing System for Agricultural Lending Project and Wilmar International.

Agrihouse Foundation invites poultry farmers, agribusiness professionals, policymakers, students, stakeholders in the poultry value chain, and the general public to mark their calendars for July 1, 2024, at the Forecourt of the Statehouse and join in championing poultry excellence. The event will celebrate achievements, address challenges, and chart a course towards a thriving and sustainable poultry industry in Ghana

For more information and registration, please contact Deborah at 0541555606, Alberta at 0244623012, or  click on the link to register: https://bit.ly/ghanapoultryfest2024.

Nominations Open for the Sixth GOLD IN THE SOIL AWARDS in Bono Region

Nominations Open for the Sixth GOLD IN THE SOIL AWARDS in Bono Region

Agrihouse Foundation, in collaboration with the Bono Regional Agricultural Directorate and Bono Regional Coordinating Council, has officially opened nominations for the sixth edition of the annual Gold in the Soil Awards. Over the past six years, this prestigious awards scheme has gained immense credibility among agricultural stakeholders and development partner organizations. It is dedicated to recognizing, empowering, celebrating, and rewarding small-scale women farmers and persons with disabilities who contribute significantly to their communities through farming and agribusiness activities.

In a press statement, Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa, Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation, highlighted the awards’ impact. She noted that the initiative has recognized and supported over 8000 smallholder women farmers and farmers with disabilities across various regions, including the Volta, Ashanti, Upper East, Upper West, and Eastern Regions. This year, the mission continues in the Bono Region.

“Annually, we shortlist and feature forty-five (45) women for the Gold in the Soil Awards Documentary. We select three (3) women from each of the fifteen (15) categories. It is our policy and mandate to award and support all persons with disabilities who are nominated, reaffirming our commitment to empower these individuals,” said Ms Akosa.

The awards span fifteen categories, including: Super Woman Farmer Award, Passion for Farm Award, She Innovates Award, Climate Smart Women Project Award, Outstanding Woman in Extension Services Award, Royal Agro Award, Diamond in the Rough Award, Feed to Foods Award, Change Champion Award, Development Partner Award, Lady of the Export Region Award, Star Woman Agripreneur Award, Princess Carla Award and the ultimate Gold in the Soil Award.

This year, two new categories have been introduced which is the Supportive Agri-Man: Recognizes a man who continuously supports rural women producers, women-led agribusinesses, agro-processors, and more within communities and the Agri-Input Sales Woman of the Year which seeks to Honor a young woman who has significantly impacted her community by ensuring farmers have access to essential agricultural inputs, enhancing farm activities, and transforming livelihoods.

“We believe the Gold in the Soil Award is a crucial event that highlights the vital contributions of women farmers to Ghana’s agricultural sector. By celebrating their achievements, we aim to inspire more women to pursue careers in agriculture and provide them with the necessary support to succeed,” added Madam Akosa.

The awards receive an average of five hundred (500) nominations annually. Out of these, forty-five women are shortlisted and interviewed for the Gold in the Soil Awards documentary series, produced by Agrihouse. The documentary tells the inspiring stories of these agriwomen, showcasing their journeys, successes, and the impacts of their work on their lives and communities.

The Gold in the Soil Awards will be held on the second day of the annual Women in Food and Agriculture Leadership Training Forum (WOFAGRIC). This year, the two-day event will take place from Tuesday, July 9, to Wednesday, July 10, 2024, in Sunyani, Bono Region, under the theme: “Overcoming the Barriers to Women Agribusiness Development: The Role of Stakeholders.”

For more information or to submit your nominations, please visit https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfSgdPbKyMi8ce0nMguAk0xfOl6Zg75ntdiqIRnX7WRvUIZFA/viewform?usp=sf_link: or contact Alberta at 0244623012, Regina at 0241371179, or Annibel at 0544704684.



Agrihouse Foundation, is proud to announce the 4th Ghana Poultry Day Festival slated for Monday, July 1, 2024 at the forecourt of the State House. This annual event serves as a rallying point to highlight the relevance, nutritional values, health benefits, and myriad opportunities within the poultry value chain.

Organized by Agrihouse Foundation and supported by World Initiative for SOY in Human Health (WISHH), Ghana Tourism Authority, Ghana National Egg Campaign Secretariat and Ghana National Association of Poultry Farmers, this year’s event will focus on the theme Celebrating Diversity in Poultry: Roast, Taste, and Nourish the Nation”. The Ghana Poultry Festival will foster diversity within the poultry industry, embracing the rich flavors, benefits, and breeds that contribute to nourishing the nation.

In a press statement, the Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation, Miss Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa said, the 4th Ghana Poultry Day is dedicated to celebrating the diversity of poultry and its invaluable contributions to our nation’s well-being.  “Through this event, we aim to showcase the culinary delights of poultry products, promote local sourcing, and further elevate the profile of Ghana’s poultry industry”.

‘’With each passing year, the Ghana Poultry Day grows in significance, serving as a catalyst for positive change within the poultry industry and we are proud to continue our mission of promoting growth, health, and sustainability in the poultry sector.  We look forward to welcoming stakeholders from across the industry to join us in this important endeavour”, Said Miss Akosa.

For the past three years, the Ghana Poultry Day has stood as the premier platform for stakeholders across the poultry industry to convene, collaborate, and strategize for the advancement of the sector. This year, the event aims to further champion an advocacy drive, encouraging individuals to patronize, trade, and invest in Ghana’s thriving poultry industry.

The 4th Ghana Poultry Day will feature a dynamic program of activities all aimed at highlighting the diverse array of opportunities available within the poultry value chain.

Key highlights of the full-day event include:

Personality – Advocate Chef Cooking Activity: The Cooking Competition, will see MP’s, Footballers, former athletes, media personalities, CEOs, Queen Mothers and schools showcasing their culinary talents by preparing various recipes with poultry products.

Town Hall Discussion: Industry players and actors within the poultry value chain will deliberate on challenges and opportunities for bolstering the sector’s growth. Experienced poultry farmers and key award winners will also share innovative ideas, challenges, and practical methods for promoting the sector’s growth.

Exhibitions: There will be a market linkage platform for poultry farmers, poultry equipment companies, processors, feed companies, development partners, input companies, government agencies, banks, tertiary schools, and research institutions to showcase products and services.

Agrihouse Foundation proudly invites poultry farmers, agribusiness professionals, policymakers, students, stakeholders in the poultry value chain and the general public to mark their calendars for July 1, 2024, join us at the forefront of championing poultry excellence. Together, we will celebrate our achievements, address challenges, and chart a course towards a thriving and sustainable poultry industry in Ghana.

For more information and registration call Deborah 0541555606, Alberta 0244623012 or click on the link to register:  https://bit.ly/ghanapoultryfest2024

We’ve Gained invaluable knowledge -Farmers lauds 1st GACA

We’ve Gained invaluable knowledge -Farmers lauds 1st GACA

Farmers in the Bono-East Region have praised Agrihouse Foundation for the successful organization of the inaugural Ghana Agrochemicals and Crop Protection Exhibitions and Awards.

Held in collaboration with the Bono East Regional Coordinating Council from Thursday, April 18th to Friday, April 19th, 2024, under the theme “Recognizing Efficiency and Innovation to Drive Sustainable Bumper Harvest,” the two-day event focused on educating farmers about the proper use of agrochemicals and crop protection techniques to enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability in the region and beyond.

Farmers expressed enthusiasm for the wealth of knowledge and resources provided. They cited the exhibitions and awards as instrumental in revolutionizing their farming techniques and enhancing their yields.

Through interactive sessions and demonstrations led by agricultural experts and input suppliers, farmers gained insights into innovative agricultural technologies and sustainable practices.

“The exhibitions and awards have been a game-changer for us. We’ve gained invaluable knowledge on how to improve our yields, manage pests and diseases, and adopt more efficient farming techniques.”

Another farmer highlighted the integration of technology into farming practices, noting, “Technology has now been fully integrated with farming, changing the way we farm. We’ve learned a lot, especially about the application of fertilizers, weedicides, pesticides, and other chemicals in our farms.”

In addition to the knowledge gained, farmers appreciated the opportunity to purchase agricultural inputs at affordable prices.

“Aside from the knowledge we have gained, we also bought a lot of things for a very cheap price,” said one farmer. “We are very grateful for this opportunity, and we look forward to the event next year.”

The two-day event held in partnership with Agromonti company limited, served as a valuable networking platform, allowing farmers to exchange ideas, share best practices, and explore new products and services. Many farmers seized the opportunity to purchase agricultural inputs at discounted rates, further enhancing the economic benefits of their participation.

Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa, Executive Director of the Agrihouse Foundation, expressed satisfaction with the event’s success and the positive feedback received from participants. She emphasized the Foundation’s commitment to addressing the needs and concerns of farmers and input dealers, promising to incorporate their feedback into future events.

attendees also  had the opportunity to embark on an Exhibitions booth tour, exploring various displays showcasing the latest agricultural technologies and products. Among the exhibitors present were leading companies such as showcasing cutting-edge solutions for enhancing crop protection and agricultural productivity.

The farmers also benefited from informative sessions such as the Farmer Clinic and Yara Talk, providing practical tips and advice on optimizing farming practices and maximizing yields. These sessions were accompanied by engaging visuals capturing the dynamic exchange of knowledge and expertise among participants.

Furthermore, attendees participated in the Farmer Products Application and Best Practices session, where exhibitors presented innovative products and solutions aimed at addressing the needs of farmers. Visual documentation of this session captured the enthusiasm and creativity of exhibitors as they showcased their offerings to eager farmers.

Additionally, the event featured a Town Hall session delving into new perspectives on farming and the pre-planting season pathway. This session sparked thought-provoking discussions and provided farmers  with fresh insights into emerging trends and strategies in agriculture.

Exhibiting companies showcased demonstrations and presentations, offering farmers insights into the latest crop protection technologies and best practices for the safe and effective application of these products. Notable exhibitors included Jubaili Agrotec GH, Agrohao Ghana Company Limited, AGROTERRUM GHANA LTD, IWAD GHANA LTD, Sagrisalma Limited Company, WinStep Company Limited, Agri Sigma, GIZ GH/AGRIBIZ, Rainbow Agrosciences, WAAF AGRO LIMITED, Solevo Ghana Ltd, BH FERTAGRO GHANA LIMITED, CROP DOCTOR LIMITED, Yayra Glover group, AgroCrown West Africa Company Ltd, and YARA GHANA LIMITED.

The Ghana Agrochemicals and Crop Protection Exhibitions and Awards also recognized outstanding achievements in the agricultural sector through a prestigious awards ceremony. This acknowledgment of excellence has motivated farmers and industry stakeholders to continue striving for innovation and improvement in their practices recognizing farmers and agrochemical dealers who have played pivotal roles in advocating responsible agrochemical usage and sustainable farming practices in the Bono East Region.

The Awardees included Agromonti Company Limited, who took home the Most Innovative Input Dealer Company award, Yara Ghana Limited was awarded the Leading Crop Nutrition Brand in Ghana, and Tibourataa Women Group from the Northern Region won the Most Promising Input Dealer Company Award.

‘’Initiatives like  the Ghana Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibitions & Awards (GACA), help Drive Agricultural Growth ‘’- Bono East Regional Agric Director

‘’Initiatives like  the Ghana Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibitions & Awards (GACA), help Drive Agricultural Growth ‘’- Bono East Regional Agric Director

The  Bono -East Regional Director for Agriculture , Mr. James Adu, has highlighted the critical role of initiatives like the Ghana Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibitions & Awards (GACA) in propelling agricultural growth and sustainability in the country .

Speaking at the inaugural Ghana Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibitions & Awards (GACA) held in Techiman by Agrihouse Foundation from Thursday, April 18th, to Friday, April 19th, 2024, under the theme”Recognizing Efficiency and Innovation to Drive Sustainable Bumper Harvest,” Mr. James Adu emphasized the significance of such endeavours in tackling the challenges confronting farmers and fostering agricultural innovation.

He expressed gratitude to Agrihouse Foundation for spearheading the initiative and extended appreciation to all sponsors, stakeholders, farmers, and exhibitors for their invaluable contributions to the agricultural sector. Underscoring the collective efforts required to ensure that farmers have the requisite tools, resources, and support to flourish and prosper.

”Over the years, through sheer determination and resilience, our farmers have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to feeding our nation and driving agricultural growth. The Bono Region boasts fertile lands, dedicated farmers, and a rich agricultural heritage that serves as the bedrock of our economy.

However, it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the challenges that our farmers face on a daily basis. From erratic weather patterns and pest infestations to limited access to quality agricultural inputs, our farmers grapple with numerous obstacles that threaten their livelihoods and the sustainability of our agricultural sector. The pre-planting season, in particular, presents its own set of challenges, as farmers strive to prepare their lands and safeguard their crops against potential threats.

It is against this backdrop that initiatives like the Ghana Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibitions & Awards (GACA) take on added significance. This platform not only provides our farmers with access to a wide range of innovative agrochemicals and crop protection solutions but also fosters knowledge exchange and collaboration among key stakeholders in the agricultural value chain.

By showcasing the latest advancements in agrochemicals and crop protection measures, this exhibition equips our farmers with the tools and knowledge they need to enhance productivity, minimize crop losses, and ultimately achieve sustainable bumper harvests”.

1st Ghana Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibitions & Awards (GACA) Opens Today,Thursday 18th -Saturday 20th April 2024

1st Ghana Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibitions & Awards (GACA) Opens Today,Thursday 18th -Saturday 20th April 2024

Agrihouse Foundation, will today Thursday 18th April 2024 to Saturday 20th April 2024 host the 1st Ghana Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibitions & Awards (GACA) at the Bonokyempem hall in Techiman in the Bono -East Region ,aimed at addressing  pre-planting challenges and promoting  sustainable agriculture in Ghana .

Themed: Recognizing Efficiency and Innovation to Drive Sustainable Bumper Harvest: The Role of Agricultural Input Dealers.”.

The Ghana Agrochemical and Crop Protection Exhibitions and Awards initiative serves as a strategic intervention project to bolster crop production by connecting farmers with input dealers, agribusinesses, aggregators, buyers, policymakers, out growers, civil society, equipment and machinery companies, processors, research institutions, financial institutions, development partners, and others.

The initiative  also seeks to Promote sustainable crop production and increase harvests by educating farmers and encouraging the adoption of Good Agricultural Practices, Ensure the comprehensive availability of essential resources for all participants in the agricultural value chain, Recognize and reward outstanding contributors within the agro-input industry who play a vital role in agricultural development and also Provide input dealers and service providers with an opportunity to engage with farmers during the pre-planting season and showcase their products and services.

In a statement the Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation, Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa, emphasized the initiative’s aim of promoting sustainable crop production, increasing harvests through farmer education, and ensuring the availability of crucial resources for all agricultural value chain actors. Additionally, the initiative she stated, aims to recognize and award exceptional actors within the agro-input industry and provide input dealers with the opportunity to connect with farmers during the pre-planting season.

“The Ghana agrochemicals and crop protection exhibitions and awards represent a significant stride towards promoting innovation, efficiency, and collaboration within Ghana’s agricultural industry,” added Akosa. “By addressing pre-planting challenges and fostering sustainable growth, the Ghana Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibitions & Awards (GACA) has the potential to transform Ghana’s agricultural sector, enhancing productivity, food security, and economic growth.”

The success of the Ghana Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibitions & Awards (GACA) initiative relies on the collective efforts of stakeholders, partners, and the general public. We urge all stakeholders and organizations to support this she added.

Keynote speakers at the 1st Ghana Agrochemical And Crop Protection Exhibitions And Awards includes Hon.Kwasi Adu -Gyan ,Bono-East Regional Minister ,Mr James Adu The Bono East Regional Agric Director ,Mr Benjamin Offei ,Managing Director ,Agromonti Company Limited and the Executive Director Of Agrihouse Foundation ,Miss Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa among others .

The three-day event to be held in partnership with Agromonti offers a diverse range of Activities which includes, Training ,Business To Business Meetings ,Award Ceremony ,exhibitions among others

Exhibiting companies includes Agromonti Company Limited  ,Yara Ghana Limited Rejuvenate ,Jubali Agrotec GH, Agrohao Ghana Company Limited ,Agroterrum Ghana Limited, IWAD Ghana Limited, Sagrisalma Company Limited ,Agri Sigma ,GIZ GH/AGRIBIZ, Rainbow Agrosciences, BH Fertagro Ghana, Winstep Company Limited , WAAF AGRO LIMITED ,Solevo Ghana Limited, Crop Doctor, Issac Opoku Farms, Yayra Glover Group, Agrocrown West Africa Company Limited,

The Ghana Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibitions & Awards (GACA) initiative holds immense promise for Ghanaian farmers and the agricultural sector as a whole. By providing solutions to pre-planting challenges, promoting sustainable practices, and fostering collaboration within the agricultural value chain, the event aims to contribute to the prosperity of the farmers and stakeholders and the and the nation as a whole.

 join as the Bonokyempem hall today ,Thursday 18th to Saturday 20th April 2024,to experience a revolution in the agricultural sector .