Agriwoman Marketplace Returns Energetically after a short break, expecting to draw about 50 Women in Farming, Marketing and related Agribusiness Value chain Activities for its 13th Edition

Agriwoman Marketplace Returns Energetically after a short break, expecting to draw about 50 Women in Farming, Marketing and related Agribusiness Value chain Activities for its 13th Edition

About Fifty (50)and more Women farmers, Processors, Aggregators, agric input dealers, packagers, and other value chain actors, are expected to participate in the 13th edition of the monthly ‘Agri-Woman Marketplace, to be held at the Forecourt of Agrihouse Foundation office, Dzorwulu .The event is scheduled for the last Friday of  September, specifically on the 29th of this month in  2023,commencing at 9am and closes at 5pm.

The Agri-woman marketplace, an initiative of Agrihouse Foundation ,over the past year, has been instrumental in aiding women in Agribusiness to regain,expand and market their agricultural produce, products and services. This initiative offers exhibitions and marketing opportunities,enabling these  women to sell and promote their products and services, whiles opening up their access to markets.

In a release, the Founder and Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation expressed her delight at the  return of the Agriwoman Marketplace.

“it is truly heartwarming  to see the revival of this initiative,”she remarked. “in the past months, we welcomed a significant number of women in Agribusiness who came together to showcase their products and services, for this edition we eagerly anticipate even  more women participating”.

“We are truly humbled, that we are able to advocate and contribute to an agenda which has  strengthened, scaled and promoted Agri-women products and services, as well as  provided an environment for networking”, she said.

The  upcoming September edition of the one-day exhibition and mentoring session is open for registrations  from numerous  agribusiness participants. This diverse group includes women involved in vegetable production, yam and tuber farming as well as grains and cereals.  Others are also into processing ground paste, shea butter, Moringa, neem, coconut, castor oils, whiles the rest are into food, IT, finance, communications and marketing services.

The monthly Agri-woman marketplace, which is fully sponsored by Agrihouse Foundation provides  tables and chairs for women to display their products and services.

Other side activities during the full day event includes Training and Mentoring sessions, wrapped with music, games and other recreational activities, intended to create a relaxing and friendly environment for the women.
It is our hope that by this platform, we  will be able to continue and  contribute steadily to creating and expanding market accessibility, whiles opening up opportunities for women.

The monthly Agri-Woman Marketplace is opened for every woman in Agribusiness and we are encouraging women to register and be part.  This is one sure and practical means we can empower ourselves, harness the power of networking and build resilience. By this, we contribute significantly to food nutrition and security. Agri-women can register as Exhibitors via this link and follow the social media pages of Agrihouse Foundation.

About Agrihouse Foundation
Agrihouse Foundation is an Agricultural development Interventional project, capacity-building organization, with a special focus on changing the perception of, and consciously shaping the conversation around agriculture. Our passion and desire lies in making positive impact, which contributes to the development of the national agricultural calendar.

We achieve the above, through our interventional Agricultural projects, which includes the Monthly Agri-Woman Market Place, centered project,  Agricultural Students Career Guidance and Mentorship Dialogues Bootcamp (AG- STUD); Livestock Poultry & Fisheries Trade Show (LiPF); International Farmers and Agribusiness Resilience and Sustainability Convention (INTAFAC) Women in Food and Agricultural Leadership Forum (WOFAGRIC) and Gold in the Soil Awards; Annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Conference and Exhibitions; Agri-Watch News Portal and the  1 household, 1 Garden Initiative (1h,1g).

Fifth Monthly Executive Beginner Agribusiness Masterclass to Focus on Yogurt Making and Dried Fruit Production

Fifth Monthly Executive Beginner Agribusiness Masterclass to Focus on Yogurt Making and Dried Fruit Production

Agrihouse Foundation is pleased to announce the fifth edition of its Monthly Executive Beginner Agribusiness Masterclass, offering a valuable opportunity for individuals interested in exploring the diverse world of agriculture and agribusiness. This month’s masterclass is scheduled for September 29, 2023, at the Agrihouse Foundation Training Centre in Dzorwulu, Accra, will spotlight two pivotal topics: Yogurt Making and Dried Fruit Production, each priced at 300 Ghana cedis.

The masterclass will provide a comprehensive exploration of yogurt making, covering various types of yogurts, their associated health benefits, and a step-by-step guide to crafting this nutritious dairy product. Additionally, participants will gain insights into effective yogurt preservation and packaging techniques. This session is ideal for newcomers to yogurt production and those seeking to enhance their skills in dairy processing.

A key highlight of this Masterclass ,is a dedicated session on Dried Fruit Production. Topics will include sourcing dried fruits, sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions, the nutritional advantages of dried fruits, and strategies for promoting a healthy lifestyle through dried fruit consumption. Participants will also delve into the essentials of managing, sustaining, and achieving profitability in the dried fruits industry.

In line with its commitment to sustainable agriculture, Agrihouse Foundation extends a special invitation to attendees for a free complimentary training session under the “1 Household, 1 Garden” initiative. This session will cover vital topics such as nursery establishment, seed nursing, transplanting, selecting appropriate planting mediums, mulching, effective water management, and the principles of irrigation. These skills are designed to empower participants to excel in gardening and plant cultivation.

The Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation, Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa, stated that in this age of heightened awareness about health and nutrition, the art of Yogurt Making takes on renewed significance. The masterclass will delve into the intricacies of crafting this nutritious dairy product, from understanding the diverse types of yogurts to harnessing its health benefits. We will also explore preservation and packaging techniques that ensure the goodness of yogurt reaches consumers in the best possible way.

“Equally captivating is our exploration of Dried Fruit Production. We will uncover the secrets behind sourcing high-quality dried fruits, sustainable packaging solutions, and the myriad nutritional advantages of these delicious treats. Our aim is to not only enlighten but also inspire participants to promote a healthier lifestyle through dried fruit consumption. Moreover, we will equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to manage, sustain, and profit in the dynamic dried fruits industry,” she added.

“I encourage each of you to seize this opportunity for personal and professional growth. Our commitment to sustainable agriculture extends to all, and as part of our ‘1 Household, 1 Garden’ initiative, we offer a complimentary training session on essential gardening skills, nurturing the seeds of a greener future,” she concluded.

To secure your place at this enlightening masterclass, please visit to complete the registration process. For inquiries or further information, please do not hesitate to contact: Samuel: 0544714584, Sally: 0555765853, or Alberta: 0244623012.

Participation in these masterclasses presents a unique opportunity to enhance your agribusiness knowledge and skills while embracing sustainable practices within the agricultural sector. Agrihouse Foundation encourages all individuals interested in agribusiness to take full advantage of these informative sessions. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your agricultural expertise and connect with industry professionals.


Fiifi Kwetey to represent fmr President Mahama at the Nebraska-Ghana Trade and Investment forum

Fiifi Kwetey to represent fmr President Mahama at the Nebraska-Ghana Trade and Investment forum

The much talked about Nebraska-Ghana trade and investment conference and agriculture program, coming up 11th to 14th September 2023,  continues to assert its relevance through the quality of Ghanaians it is attracting to its forum. One of such dignitaries is no other than Ghana’s astute politician, Hon Fiifi Kwetey, who has been confirmed will be representing former President John Dramani Mahama. 

The Nebraska Trade and Investment program, and the Husker Harvest Day event, taking place simultaneously from September 11th to 14th, 2023, is a combination of events that attracts business people, investors and farmers annually to update, learn and exploit business, trade and investment opportunities in the State and build new partnerships, at governments, corporate, and individual levels.

Appreciating the immense value such a gathering holds for Ghana’s economic growth and diversification,   former President Mahama, at his invitation to the event, determined that his tight schedule in recent times would not be enough reason to deny Ghana such an opportunity to maximize the offerings of Ghana’s good relationship with the United States of America, decided to send Hon Fiifi Fiavi Kwetey in his stead.

A former two-term Member of Parliament for Ketu South, former Minister of State, Fiifi Fiavi Kwetey, who is the current General Secretary of his party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has also served the nation as both the Deputy Finance Minister and the Minister for Agriculture. He qualifies as best placed to represent Ghana at this auspicious trade and investment event.

According to Ghana’s Agrihouse Foundation, the local coordinator of the event being organized in collaboration with GhaNeb LLC, a Ghanaian-American partnership, the event brings leaders in the agricultural, trade and finance space together with Ghanaian participants to interact, exploit partnership opportunities, strengthen bilateral ties, update on new technologies and advancements developing in both American and the global  agriculture space.

The participants shall participate in top trade conversations with the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, interact with top industry players, engage in market linkage negotiations, matchmaking, and investment related activities.

Ultimately, it is envisaged that the program would develop and strengthen economic partnerships, provide access to valuable and sustainable market opportunities, enhance bilateral investments, and widen Ghana’s sources of boosting trade, investment and economic growth.

FIMAN 2023 – The International Cassava Fair, Brazil

FIMAN 2023 – The International Cassava Fair, Brazil

FIMAN 2023, is the International Cassava Fair, which promotes the latest Technology, Machinery, equipment, Financing, and value chain benefits of Cassava, to enhance Productivity!

or Register as a PARTICIPANT
Via –

Take the opportunity to highlight your brand, network with industry leaders, and gain new business partnerships. The event is a unique platform to elevate your presence in the cassava industry.
Join us and be part of the transformation at the epicentre of industry innovation
at FIMAN 2023.

For more information, call: 0244623012 / 0243715570

Gold in the Soil Awards documentary airs on Ayekoo on UTV, Wednesday, 6th September, 2023 at 9:15 pm

Gold in the Soil Awards documentary airs on Ayekoo on UTV, Wednesday, 6th September, 2023 at 9:15 pm

Ayekoo on UTV will air Part 1 of our “Gold in the Soil Awards Documentary,” which celebrates and recognizes the outstanding performances and successes of our women farmers and women in Agribusiness and the stakeholders who support their efforts. This Wednesday’s episode will feature the Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation, Madam Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa, and the exciting stories from our women farmers. The “Gold in the Soil Awards” is a key component of our “Women in Food and Agricultural Leadership Training Forum,” held annually in different regions. Please make a date with us, tune in to UTV on Wednesday, September 6th, 2023, from 9:15 PM to 10:00 PM

The 21st  Global Agricultural Technology Summit Food & Water Security in a Disrupted Era 

The 21st  Global Agricultural Technology Summit Food & Water Security in a Disrupted Era 

Take your Agribusiness to new heights.
Discover the future of agriculture at the 21st Global Agricultural Technology Summit in Tel Aviv, Israel, on October 17-18, 2023.
Join prominent leaders, government officials, corporate executives, NGO directors, and academics from around the world as they converge to address pressing global challenges.
Immerse yourself in a cutting-edge exhibition spanning 3000 square meters, featuring 120 leading global companies and 50 innovative Agri-tech, Aqua-tech, and Food-tech startups showcasing the latest advancements in agricultural, water, and food technologies.
With 100 renowned speakers, insightful conferences offer a platform for knowledge exchange, while a dedicated B2B networking opportunity fosters collaborative partnerships. Enthusiasts can also partake in guided excursions to explore Israel’s pioneering technology hubs.
Don’t miss your chance to be a part of Agritech 2023 and shape the future of sustainable agriculture.
Register via