Agrihouse Foundation and GhaNeb LLC Partner, to Create Agribusiness Trade and Investment Opportunities for Ghanaian Agribusinesses in Nebraska

Agrihouse Foundation and GhaNeb LLC Partner, to Create Agribusiness Trade and Investment Opportunities for Ghanaian Agribusinesses in Nebraska

Ghana’s Agrihouse Foundation and GhaNeb LLC, in a press release issued in Accra Ghana, are offering a rare opportunity to Ghanaian farmers, agribusiness entrepreneurs, Government officials and Private Businesses, to exploit a business, Trade and investment opportunity in the forthcoming Nebraska-Ghana Trade and Investment Program, and experience the highly rated Husker Harvest Days.

The  Nebraska-Ghana Trade and Investment program,  taking  place in Grand Island, NE, Nebraska, USA, from September 10th to 14th, 2023, is also receiving support from the Nebraska State Legislature, Grand Island Chamber of Commerce, EZ Politix, Sandhills Global, The Nebraska Department of Economic Development and Certified Piedmonstese

“Indeed, Agrihouse Foundation and GhaNeb LLC,  are truly looking forward to successfully bringing Agricultural interests and leaders from Ghana and  Nebraska, together to help build relationships and bring the interests of both nations together for everyone’s benefit, especially our farmers and Agribusinesses”,  Ms. Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa, Executive Director,  Agrihouse Foundation, was quoted as saying in the press release.

“Besides creating and facilitating opportunities for growth of business, Trade and Investment, in both Nebraska and Ghana, twice in a year, one of the long-term vision of this partnership, is to establish a Ghana- Nebraska Trade & Investment (GhaNeb) Secretariat, in Ghana to support, in growing, harnessing and contribute to scaling  up, the opportunities, that are built.

However, to kick-start this vision, we are working with GhaNeb LLC and the Nebraska State Legislature, to send a Ghanaian Business delegation to Nebraska from September 9 – September 15, 2023.

“With the success of this first Trade and Investment program, every subsequent September, Agrihouse Foundation, will work to facilitate a strong business delegation to Nebraska and, every November, Nebraska will, in the same way, send a business delegation to Ghana,” Ms. Akosa elucidated further.

This much needed business event, will equally presents opportunities, for Ghana and Nebraska State businesses, Government agencies officials, to discuss, explore, develop, strengthen and forge bilateral trade and investment relations.

Affirming this,  Mr. Ken Schilz, the Key player in the Program,  and a former Nebraska State Senator and (former) Chair of the Legislature’s Agriculture Committee Nebraksa,  explains,  that the event presents participants,  with  immense business opportunities to meet leaders in the Agricultural world.

Whiles in Nebraska, the Ghana Delegation, will also engage in pre-arranged B2B sessions, and other pre-arranged business meetings, which all aims to present and project the opportunities that could be explored by both countries.

The program also presents a great opportunity for learning about new technologies and advancements, that are taking place in American and global agriculture.

“We are working on bringing a delegation from Ghana to participate in our first Trade and Investment Program, and experience Husker Harvest Days.

Whiles in Ghana last year, we worked with Agrihouse Foundation, to facilitate a Government and Private Businesses Stakeholder Event.

We also  had the opportunity to visit and experience, some large commercial farms in the Mion, Northern Region.  We are particularly excited, that we have been able to scale up, our working relationship. Our collective goal is to, continue our work together, to grow our economies and create lasting partnerships. Former State Senator Ken Schilz added.

So far, The Ghanaian participants that shall be attending this event shall participate in top trade conversations and negotiations, breakout tours, market linkages negotiations, matchmaking, and investment related programs.

They will also have the opportunity to experience the Husker Harvest Days. “For over 40 years, Husker Harvest Days has provided world-class space where farmers, ranchers, and agribusiness/agripreneurs gain priceless insights for their operations while making connections that last for years,” Mr. Schilz explained.

The highly rated event known, as the world’s largest totally irrigated working farm show, has been connecting farming families with Agri producers and services from across the America and beyond. Farmers attend to engage, and this all adds up to ROI (return on investment) value for their business.

This very important agricultural business and investment event will develop and strengthen economic partnerships, provide access to valuable and sustainable market access, enhance bilateral investments, training, knowledge and technology transfer that will support and further boost Ghana’s rapidly growing import and export sector.

Sufficient knowledge to share and takeaway

Participants will enjoy personal conversations with equipment and product designers, techs, and engineers on current equipment and future farming needs; experience the latest in agric technology, and learn from industry experts. Seen as an event that has something for everyone, the Husker Harvest and the Trade and Investment program, promises memorable field demonstrations, Poultry, cattle handling, hemp education, exhibits – and a Hospitality Tent where visitors can relax and enjoy free educational sessions and other guest speakers, and much more.

Whiles in Nebraska, GhaNeb and Agrihouse, plan to have a reception the night before the event’s date for sponsors and participants, with the Nebraska Department of Economic Development providing entry Passes to the event.

Additionally, a luncheon or dinner, and Roundtable discussions, will be organized, as well for sponsors and participants.

At the reception and networking forum on the first day, the conversation will be centered on economic and investment strategies, and practical measures to accelerate and sustain Ghana’s Economic Repositioning and accelerated growth to drive investors to partner Ghana in building the desired thriving industrialized economy.

Field demonstrations that compels innovative investments for increased yields

Whilst in Nebraska, participants shall also have the opportunity to visit farms, processing facilities, implement dealers, as well as meeting with representatives from Nebraska Agriculture Trade Associations, Government leaders and other Agri businesses to exchange ideas and create relationships.

The Nebraska Department of Economic Development will be hosting the Ghanaian Business delegates, and will have the opportunity to interact with global machinery, equipment and technology companies exhibiting at the Tradeshow.

“This is a growth opportunity in agribusiness, Trade and investment, a first step in our long-term plan.  Ms. Akosa concluded.

The Private Sector is Seriously Working in Tandem with the Government to Make Ghana Food Sufficient

The Private Sector is Seriously Working in Tandem with the Government to Make Ghana Food Sufficient

At the back of the recent re-launch of the government’s flagship agricultural program, Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ) Phase 2, Agrihouse Foundation, one of Ghana’s foremost agriculture growth facilitator, has let out a press release, re-emphasizing the place of the private sector in leading a partnering drive to make Ghana food security sufficient.

Ms. Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa, who heads one of Ghana’s foremost agric sector facilitating organization, Agrihouse Foundation, is underscoring the place of the private sector in leading a partnering charge in invigorating and driving growth in the agricultural sector.

“If we appreciate the role of agriculture in the overall growth of a nation’s economy,  as a dependable contributor to the GDP growth, and as a proven measure in keeping poverty away, we would realize that the sector, by its potential, ranks amongst the most valuable sectors in any economy,”

Ms. Akosa asserted, that “Of course, this is in addition to the immense reward the sector offers to any investor – be it the government or a private sector investor.”

The professionally prolific and dynamic lady who,  herself, is a farmer and a passionate agric facilitator, contends that, even if an evaluation should be made of how her own organization has impacted and influenced the growth dynamics of the sector, the outcome of the evaluation would definitely attest to the claim that the private sector could achieve a significant turn-around,  in the contribution of the sector to the economy in the area of revenue and job creation; once the environment is conducive.

“I am not holding brief for anybody,” Ms. Akosa says, “But, if government estimates that its Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ) has provided significant number of employment,  especially for the youth, I don’t know the figures but, without contesting that claim, I’d tell you that Agrihouse Foundation, from its founding to this present date, has provided over 6,000 jobs, especially for women.” These jobs, she goes on to explain, were created through training and equipping of women farmers, and agripreneurs.

According to the Foundation, the organization has provided long-term market opportunities to “over 297,000 farmers, processors and agribusinesses, in the northern part of Ghana and beyond; boosted the capacity of farmer-based organizations, farmer groups and smallholder farmers, through tailor-made module. The Foundation continues to conduct farmer-to-farmer training and demonstrations; and has already established a vegetable training and demonstration centre in Bamvim, “which is continuously training youth and women in seedling and nursery management.”

“So, being that there is a whole lot to be done,” Ms. Akosa, who has numerous awards to her credit, says, “Our work is an ongoing activity focused on contributing immeasurably to Ghana’s attainment of food security and the eradication of poverty, with particular interest in empowering our hardworking women folks/peasant farmers in our rural communities.

“That is why, on our part, we jump at any opportunity that would enrich and broaden the knowledge of our farmers and agripreneurs and, in addition, give them a global perspective to agriculture and how much it can do to grow a nation and create sustainable wealth through best practices.

“For instance, we have just concluded agreements with an American- entity, GhaNeb LLC, to have Ghanaian farmers, agripreneurs, investors, Private Businesses and government officials attend what has been described as America’s largest outdoor Agricultural Show that attracts vendors and participants from around the world.

The event comes up September 10th – 14th 2023, of which a Ghanaian delegation, will be attending, to take advantage of the prime exposure to register for participation.

“Amongst other impactful activities in the tour, there will be a meeting of the delegation of Nebraska Agricultural interests and officials with Ghanaian businesses and officials aimed at developing relationships and fostering business between Ghana and Nebraska,” Ms. Akosa said.

Coming from a long dating experience in facilitating global interactions and knowledge acquiring experiences for Ghanaian farmers and agribusinesses, beginning from her days as the Co-Founder of FAGRO (a popular food and agricultural exhibitions program in the early 2000’s), this current Nebraska window of opportunities comes as another familiar turf to nurture Ghana’s agric industry.

“With about 12 well targeted and successful agriculture growth facilitating programs from our stable, and the encouraging results and feedbacks we have been receiving every year, especially from our flagship annual Preharvest Agribusiness Exhibitions and Conference event,  I am confident that,  government remaining consistent in faithfully enforcing enabling policies and interventions, Ghana’s agricultural sector target can be met and even surpassed with the unencumbered participation of the private sector.”

With the PFJ Phase ll programme, government expects to create job opportunities that would have the capacity to enroll “1.2 million farmers” in the first year of its operation, with the projection that, in the next four years, the programme would record “an annual average of two hundred and ten thousand (210,000) new farm-related jobs”.

“That is a heartwarming plan that reemphasizes the fact that government appreciates the place of agriculture in the mix of the nation’s growth variables,” Ms. Akosa observes.

“However, like I expressed earlier,” the release quoted Ms. Akosa as saying, “we, in Agrihouse, are very passionate about empowering our peasant and rural farmers who are the foundation of Ghana’s agriculture and, while supporting government’s seeming perseverance in seeing that agriculture is positioned on an irreversible growth momentum, despite the challenges of the program’s first phase, we are hoping that relevant policies and adequate enablement that allows private sector’s vigorous and responsible partnership must also be factored in amongst government’s list of responsibilities to make this phase a resounding success.”

“Connecting the Unconnected” – 13th Annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness exhibition and conference Slated for October 24-26

“Connecting the Unconnected” – 13th Annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness exhibition and conference Slated for October 24-26

Agrihouse Foundation, in collaboration with the Northern Regional Coordinating Council (NRCC), have slated Tuesday, October 24 to Thursday, October 26 2023 , as dates for the 13th Annual Pre-harvest Agribusiness Exhibition and Conference.

Themed “Connecting the Unconnected: The Farmer, The Input Dealer, The Processor,” this year’s 13TH Annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Exhibition and Conference. event will be held at the AGRIHOUSE AGRI-VILLAGE TRAINING AND DEMONSTRATION CENTRE, situated in Bamvim, Tamale, in the Northern Region.

The three-day event encompasses a series of engaging elements, including insightful conference sessions, impactful presentations, exhibitions, field demonstrations and a bust marketplace that fosters crucial business-to-business interactions. Serving as a dynamic platform, with the aim of facilitating contract negotiations, market linkage and elevating the capacity of farmers, smallholder farmers, Farmer-Based Organizations (FBOs), Aggregators, Processors, input dealers and other key stakeholders in the agricultural value chain.

Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa, Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation, expressed her anticipation for 13th annual pre-harvest agribusiness exhibition and conference, affirming, “We are truly excited to gather diverse stakeholders from the agricultural sector for this year’s Pre-Harvest Exhibition and Conference.

“Over the past 13 years, the Annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Exhibition and Conference has been a pioneer in establishing vital market linkages for farmers, processors, and input dealers, thereby revolutionizing the entire agricultural value chain. Our legacy of excellence continues as we embark on the 13th edition. This landmark event will uphold our tradition of fostering market connections, delivering comprehensive training, and facilitating exhibitions that bridge the gap for those who remain disconnected. “She added

Participants will also have the unique opportunity to engage in immersive and practical sessions designed to provide profound insights into best practices and capitalize on the myriad of opportunities within the agriculture sector. Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa further added, “These sessions encompass commodity-specific discussions, intensive training programs, fruitful farmer-buyer matchmaking dialogues, enlightening panel education sessions, enlightening field demonstrations, inspiring keynotes, and vibrant exhibitions—all contributing to showcasing and promoting businesses while fostering invaluable networking opportunities.”

Noteworthy Activities Scheduled:
Commodity Breakout Session: Aiming to assemble a diverse spectrum of participants including farmer groups, farmer-based organizations, aggregators, buyers, students, smallholders, and commercial farmers, the Commodity Breakout Session aims to provide invaluable insights into excelling within the agricultural value chain.

Farmer-Buyer Matchmaking: This exclusive networking event is tailored to enable farmers to connect with potential wholesale buyers and various agribusinesses along the value chain. During this interactive session, both farmers and buyers have the opportunity to establish connections and finalize deals that can significantly shape their agricultural endeavours.

 Exhibition: Spanning the entirety of the three-day event, an engaging exhibition showcase will unfold, offering a platform for purchasing and selling products at affordable prices. This hub serves as a space to explore the latest innovations, products, and services driving advancements in the agricultural sector, encompassing Crop Varieties, Seeds, Farm Equipment and Machinery, Agrochemicals and Fertilizers, as well as Livestock, among others.

Field Demonstrations: In this phase, farmers and industry participants engage in practical learning, acquiring firsthand experience and adopting best practices in farm management. Hosted at the Agrihouse Foundation Agri-Village, this immersive experience aims to equip attendees with tangible skills to enhance their agricultural practices.

The 13th Annual Pre-Harvest AgribusinessExhibition and Conference promises to be an influential convergence, fostering collaboration and innovation across the agricultural landscape. Join us as we work together to empower agriculture and bridge connections in pursuit of a prosperous future.


Celebrating 13 Years of Connecting Farmers, Input Dealers and Processors to Market- Pre-Harvest the Path Way

Celebrating 13 Years of Connecting Farmers, Input Dealers and Processors to Market- Pre-Harvest the Path Way

 In 2017, the USAID ADVANCE Project handed over the annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Conference and Exhibitions event, to Agrihouse Foundation, as part of the organization’s exit strategy. Since then, Agrihouse Foundation has implemented and scaled up the project, by annually connecting over 3000 smallholder farmers, commercial farmers, seeds, fertilizer, irrigation, finance, processors, ICT, service providers, machinery and equipment companies and value chain actors to markets.  The Preharvest, has strategically grown, to become an intervention, and highly impactful market linkage program, on Ghana’s Agribusiness calendar, providing long-term market development opportunities for farmers and agribusinesses.

The Annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Conference and Exhibitions event, for the past 12 years, have provided and created market linkages and built the capacity of over 150,000 value chain actors and stakeholders.

Beneficiaries and participants of the annual Preharvest event ranges from farmer groups, buyers, development partners, policy makers, agribusinesses, ICT professionals, and aggregators. Others include input dealers, equipment and machinery dealers, transporters, financial institutions, telecommunication companies, out growers, civil society, and processors, who converge in the Northern Region, to network, exhibit, share knowledge, train, engage in field demonstration activities and most importantly, negotiate and seal deals.

The intervention has served as a stimulating platform for match-making, exchange, agribusiness development, stakeholder linkages, and has brought about growth in local economies, through the creation of expanded agribusiness opportunities. It has also assisted in removing constraints on market access for farmers and agribusinesses who require access to lucrative markets and economic opportunities to improve their livelihoods and those of their families.

The annual Preharvest event, culminates with conference events, presentations, exhibitions, and a marketplace for business-to-business meetings.

It continuous to serve as a dynamic platform for farmers to negotiate and seal contracts and strengthen the capacity of Farmer-Based Organizations (FBOs), Aggregators, Processors, and value chain actors for them to play a key role as agricultural market actors.

 It has assisted over 64,000 farmers and agribusinesses to expand their businesses both before and after harvesting.

After twelve (12) successful editions, and through feedbacks and testimonies, we are confident to say, the annual Pre-harvest event, has lived up to its overall goal of creating markets and linking farmers to buyers.
Over five billion USD business deals, has been generated through the event over the years.

In 2022, the event recorded a total of 3700 participants, over the 3-day event, with about 210 exhibitors, who included farmers, input dealers, equipment and machinery dealers, Irrigation dealers, financial institutions, telecommunication companies.

Others were processors, development partners, insurance companies, non-governmental organizations and government agencies .

A survey conducted after the event, indicated high interest in participation for subsequent years due to the relevance of the sessions and activities’’. Stated Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa, the Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation.

This tradition of impact continues this year with a project participation of about 5000 and an increase in Exhibitors, from 150 last year, to 250.
The event, is slated to hold, from Tuesday, october  24 to Thursday, october  26, 2023, under the Theme: “Connecting the Unconnected – The Farmer, The Input Dealer, The Processor,”

Just as last year, a number of activities have been lined-up, to make up this year’s event, even more valuable, interactive, engaging and impactful, to participants and attendees.

Activities for the three (3) days event, will include:

Bringing together a diverse spectrum of participants, including farmer groups, farmer-based organizations, aggregators, buyers, students, smallholders, and commercial farmers, the Commodity Breakout Session aims to provide invaluable insights into excelling within the agricultural value chain.

A dedicated networking session, the Farmer-Buyer Matchmaking event is tailored for farmers to engage with potential wholesale buyers and various agribusinesses along the value chain. During this dynamic session, both farmers and buyers have the opportunity to forge connections and seal deals that can shape the trajectory of their agricultural endeavours.

Spanning the entirety of the three-day event, an engaging -exhibition showcase will unfold, creating a space for buying and selling at affordable prices. This dynamic platform serves as a hub for exploring the latest innovations, products, and services that are driving advancements in the agricultural sector ranging from Crop Varieties, Seeds, Farm Equipment and Machinery, Agrochemicals and Fertilizers, Livestock among others

At the heart of the three-day event, the Field Demonstrations stand out as a prominent highlight. Here, farmers and industry participants engage in practical learning, gaining firsthand experience and adopting best practices in farm management. Hosted at the Agrihouse Foundation Agri-Village, this immersive experience aims to equip attendees with tangible skills that can enhance their agricultural practices.

As the event approaches, anticipation is building for these multifaceted sessions that collectively aim to foster knowledge sharing, collaboration, and growth within Ghana’s agricultural landscape. Stay tuned for an enriching experience that celebrates innovation, connectivity, and progress.

The three days event is expected to provide participants with a common platform where diverse services linked to the Agric sector will converge to provide mutually beneficial ends

Participants will be taken through practical and engaging sessions to enable them gain deeper insights into best practices and how to take advantages of the numerous opportunities in the agriculture sector.

The three-day event will feature sessions designed to give participants in-depth insight into the state of the agriculture industry today and inherent opportunity. such as commodity break-out sessions, intensive and focused training programs, farmer-buyer matchmaking dialogue, training, panel education sessions, field demonstrations, keynotes, and exhibitions while displaying, promoting business, and creating networking opportunities

We are super excited to announce that, after 13 years of successfully hosting the annual Preharvest Agribusiness Exhibitions and Conference event, at different locations, within the Northern region, this year’s event, will fully be held at the AGRIHOUSE AGRI-VILLAGE TRAINING AND DEMONSTRATION CENTRE, located at Bamvim, tamale in the Northern Region.
The Ten(10) acre land, was donated to Agrihouse Foundation, in 2021 by the he Bamvim Lana (Chief of Bamvim).

Agrihouse Foundation is working to develop the land, in the next 3-5 years, to become the Premier Agribusiness Training, Exhibitions and Demonstration Centre, with crop and livestock stations, processing centre, conference, workshop halls, restrooms, exhibition stores for Agric companies, training and recreational centres, among others.

We invite all stakeholders and value chain actors, to get ready, to embark on an Agribusiness Adventure like never before.  Join us from October  24-26, 2023 at the Agrihouse foundation Agri village, Bamvim in the Northern Region, as we for the   highly anticipated 13th edition of the pre-harvest agribusiness exhibitions and conference event.
Discover the ultimate platform that connects farmers, market players and agribusinesses, unlocking endless opportunities for growth, innovation and success.

The 13t edition of the Pre-harvest event, is designed as an ideal scenario to foster collaborations and integration, within the industry.

Over the course of the three days, participants will have the opportunity to exchange experiences, explore appropriate technologies, enhance productivity and create a network of opportunities.

Don’t miss out on this transformative event making waves in the agricultural industry over a decade now.

Kindly click the link to register


Join the 4th Monthly Beginner Executive Masterclass for Intense Training on Snail Farming and Free Vegetable Farming

Join the 4th Monthly Beginner Executive Masterclass for Intense Training on Snail Farming and Free Vegetable Farming

Agribusiness enthusiasts and aspiring Agripreneurs  have a golden opportunity to delve into the intricacies of snail farming and vegetable farming at Agrihouse Foundation’s 4th Monthly Executive Beginner Agribusiness Masterclass. The masterclass is set to take place on Thursday, August 31st, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the Agrihouse Training Centre in Dzorwulu.

The fourth Monthly  Executive Beginner Agribusiness Masterclass, promises to equip participants with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in snail farming, branding, marketing, and financial management. For a fee of GH 250 cedis, attendees will gain access to expert-led sessions that cover a wide range of topics essential for establishing and managing a successful agribusiness venture.

In a strategic collaboration with the “One Household One Garden” initiative, Agrihouse Foundation is offering an additional bonus – comprehensive training on vegetable farming. Participants will be equipped with knowledge in vegetable seedling, water management and irrigation, transplanting and nursery management, covering a diverse range of crops including okra, tomatoes, pepper, garden eggs, and cabbage.

Furthermore, attendees will receive a comprehensive garden setup training manual, insights into the nutritional benefits of vegetables, and guidance on effectively utilizing garden tools.

The one-day intensive masterclass will provide valuable learning experience for individuals  interested in agriculture and agribusiness. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with industry experts, share experiences, and network with fellow enthusiasts.

Participants will also receive certificate and  starter packs, ensuring they have the fundamental resources required to initiate their very own agribusiness ventures upon completion of the masterclass.

To secure a slot in Agrihouse Foundation’s 4th Monthly Executive Beginner Agribusiness Masterclass, interested individuals are encouraged to promptly register through the provided hyperlink.  For more information, inquiries can be directed to 0544714584 or 0244623012.

Whether you’re a seasoned agribusiness professional or a novice looking to explore the world of agriculture, this masterclass promises to provide valuable insights and hands-on knowledge to drive success in the ever-evolving agribusiness landscape. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your agribusiness aspirations into reality.


The 21st  Global Agricultural Technology Summit Food & Water Security in a Disrupted Era 

The 21st  Global Agricultural Technology Summit Food & Water Security in a Disrupted Era 

Take your Agribusiness to new heights.
Discover the future of agriculture at the 21st Global Agricultural Technology Summit in Tel Aviv, Israel, on October 17-18, 2023.
Join prominent leaders, government officials, corporate executives, NGO directors, and academics from around the world as they converge to address pressing global challenges.
Immerse yourself in a cutting-edge exhibition spanning 3000 square meters, featuring 120 leading global companies and 50 innovative Agri-tech, Aqua-tech, and Food-tech startups showcasing the latest advancements in agricultural, water, and food technologies.
With 100 renowned speakers, insightful conferences offer a platform for knowledge exchange, while a dedicated B2B networking opportunity fosters collaborative partnerships. Enthusiasts can also partake in guided excursions to explore Israel’s pioneering technology hubs.
Don’t miss your chance to be a part of Agritech 2023 and shape the future of sustainable agriculture.
Register via