The Northern Regional Agriculture Director, Hajia Hawa Musah has urged farmers, farmer-based organizations, industry experts, development partners, buyers, distributors, agribusinesses, government, and other stakeholders in the agricultural value chain to capitalize on the valuable opportunities presented by the annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Conference and Exhibitions.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 13th Annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Conference and Exhibition organized by Agrihouse Foundation, held at the Agrihouse Agri-Village Learning, Training, Innovation, and Demonstration site in Kudula, Tamale, on Tuesday, 26th October 2023, under the theme: “Connecting the Unconnected: The Farmer, The Input Dealer, and The Processor”.

Hajia Hawa Musah, Highlighted the transformative potential of connecting farmers, input dealers, agro-processors, and other key actors through platforms like the annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Exhibitions and Conference, she emphasized the increased agricultural productivity, efficiency, and income that could result from effective utilization of these connections.

Addressing the challenges within agricultural commodity value chain, the regional agric  Director underscored the need for stronger linkages to resolve issues related to accessing planting materials, relevant inputs, appropriate processing technologies, crop produce handling, storage, and market access constraints.

She emphasized the importance of fostering networking, knowledge sharing, and learning opportunities across the entire agricultural value chain. She highlighted the potential for these interactions to drive agricultural development and modernization within the region

She also expressed gratitude to Agrihouse Foundation for their decade-long commitment to organizing the annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Conference and Exhibition, Hajia Hawa Musah acknowledged the event’s significant role in providing a platform for agricultural stakeholders to network, learn, and contribute to the region’s agricultural development.

She stressed the crucial role that strengthened connections along the agricultural value chain could play in establishing a market-driven agricultural system.

Hajia Hawa Musah emphasized that creating an enabling environment for interaction, learning, and sharing among various actors in the agricultural value chain is pivotal for transforming agriculture into economically viable enterprises.