The Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation, Ms. Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa, has urged the Government to establish more Agri-village training centers in the country, in support of local farmers nationwide.This call to action was delivered during her welcome address at the 13th Annual Pre-harvest Agribusiness Conference and Exhibition, hosted at the Agrihouse Agri-Village Learning Innovation Training and Demonstration site in Kudula, Tamale, in the Northern Region under the theme “Connecting the Unconnected: The Farmer, The Input Dealer, and The Processor.”

The Executive Director ,  emphasized the pivotal role these Agri-village training centers would play in advancing farmers’ skills and knowledge, whiles connecting stakeholders within the agricultural value chain.

“The provision of at least one Agri-village training center in every region would be transformative. It will offer our farmers essential resources, training, and innovative practices, creating a hub uniting farmers, input dealers, and processors.

This initiative is a crucial step in bolstering the agricultural sector’s capabilities and creating a more interconnected and sustainable ecosystem for farming communities nationwide,” she emphasized.

She highlighted the potential and impact of dedicated agricultural hubs, unifying previously disparate elements within the agricultural community. Ms. Akosa underlined the urgent need for resources for farmers and the vital connection between Farmers ,input dealers and processors to establish a more cohesive and efficient agricultural network.

“The provision of Agri-village training centers in every region is not merely an option but a necessity,” Ms. Akosa emphasized. “It’s about creating a unified platform for farmers across the nation to benefit from shared knowledge and best practices, significantly advancing the agricultural sector.”

emphasizing the pressing need for educational support and resources, as well as stronger connections between farmers and the stakeholders in the entire agricultural value chain ,to succeed in the dynamic agricultural sector, she called on government to as a matter of urgency help provide  agri-village training center in every region in the country .

The call for Agri-village training centers in every region echoes Agrihouse Foundation’s commitment to promoting innovation, knowledge sharing, and sustainable practices. Their pursuit is not merely regional but a national effort toward empowering and unifying farming communities across the country.

Speaking at the 13th annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Conference and Exhibition,hosted by  Agrihouse Foundations, The Deputy Minister for Food and Agriculture (Crops )Hon.Yaw Frimpong Addo ,stated that the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the Government is committed to fostering crucial connections ,market linkages and improvement within the agricultural value chain .

”We recognize the importance of bridging the gaps that often exist within the agricultural value chain. By connecting the farmer, the input dealer, and the processor, and every stakeholder we can create a more integrated and efficient system that benefits all stakeholders”.

According to him, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture is also  taking significant steps to improve infrastructure, provide access to credit facilities, and enhance extension services. These efforts he said ,is aimed at ensuring that farmers, input dealers, and processors  and every stakeholder in the agricultural value chain is equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to thrive.” We are also investing in research and development to boost crop yields, promote climate-smart agriculture, and reduce the impact of climate change on our food systems.He added .

Agrihouse Foundation’s Agri-Village Learning  Training Innovation  and Demonstration Site in Kudula:

Agrihouse Agri- Village Learning Training Innovation and Demonstration Site in Kudula, Tamale, is a ten-acre land acquisition by the Agrihouse Foundation in 2021, scheduled for comprehensive development over the next 3-5 years. The objective is to establish it as the Premier Agribusiness Training, Exhibitions, and Demonstration Centre.

Anticipated facilities on the site includes crop and livestock stations, a central processing center, dedicated conference and workshop halls, restroom facilities, specialized exhibition stores for agricultural companies, as well as training and recreational centers, among other essential amenities.

This strategic initiative aims to serve as a focal point for fostering innovation, education, and practical demonstrations within the agricultural domain, aimed at enhancing skills, knowledge, and sustainable practices within the farming community.