Ing. Kwabena Agyei Agyapong, Presidential hopeful for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has emphasized the need for enhanced government backing, attention, and support for Ghana’s poultry sector .

He made these remarks during the Ghana Poultry Day and 3rd Ghana Chicken Festival, organized by the Agrihouse Foundation at the forecourt of the State House.

The presidential candidate hopeful , highlighted the significance of promoting the consumption of local poultry products, emphasizing their crucial role in strengthening the nation’s economy and creating sustainable job opportunities for Ghanaians. He encouraged citizens to prioritize the consumption of locally-produced poultry products.

Recognizing the need to foster sustainable growth and prosperity, he has called for strategic investments, policy reforms, and collaborative efforts to propel the poultry industry to new heights.

He also called upon the youth to explore the vast potential of the agricultural sector. adding that the entire agricultural value chain has  a promising avenue for job creation, enabling the younger generation to actively contribute to the country’s economic growth and food security. By embracing agriculture, the youth can secure their own future while simultaneously benefiting the nation as a whole.

As part of his advocacy for the agricultural sector, he proposed the designation of July 1st as Ghana Poultry Day, a movement spearheaded by the Agrihouse Foundation. This initiative aims to honour the significant contributions of poultry sector and raise awareness about the vital role of the poultry industry in Ghana’s development. Adding that, commemoration of Ghana Poultry Day holds the potential to inspire greater interest in the poultry industry and attract increased investments, benefiting the entire value chain.