Agrihouse Foundation’s Gold in the Soil Awards has garnered significant attention and participation this year, as it has received  96 nominations from 33 districts in the Eastern Region.

This remarkable achievement highlights the growing recognition of exceptional women farmers and farmers with disability in the agricultural industry, along with their invaluable contributions to the sector.

As anticipation builds for the upcoming awards ceremony, let’s explore the categories that received the highest to the lowest number of nominations. This will showcase the diverse talents and accomplishments within each category across the districts of the Eastern Region.

Scheduled for July 26-27 in the Eastern Region, under the theme “OVERCOMING THE BARRIERS TO WOMEN AGRIBUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: THE ROLE OF STAKEHOLDERS,” the Gold in the Soil Awards comprises 15 categories that represent a diverse range of achievements.

These categories highlight the exceptional accomplishments of women along the entire agricultural value chain, from farm-to-market excellence and innovation-driven solutions to community impact and sustainable practices. Each category holds its own significance, reflecting the multifaceted nature of women’s contributions to agriculture.

PASSION FOR THE FARMS AWARD: This award pays tribute to an individual woman who exhibits boundless enthusiasm and a deep passion for agribusiness. Whose commitment to the growth of her community, job creation, mentoring young girls, and promoting agriculture on both small and large scales sets her apart as a true inspiration. This category received the highest number of nominations, with 29 nominations from women in Farming,Processing , packaging Poultry and Livestock in  Akuapim North District, Afram Plains South District, and Ayensuano District.

OUTSTANDING WOMAN IN EXTENSION SERVICES AWARD: Recognizing women in the public or private sector, this award commends women who tirelessly contribute to agricultural development through training, capacity building, and advocacy. Their efforts empower farmers with best practices, leading to socio-economic development and empowerment at both the societal and national levels. This category received sixteen (16) nominations from Fanteakwa North District, New Juaben North Municipal, and Yilo Krobo District.

GOLD IN THE SOIL AWARD: This prestigious accolade acknowledges the remarkable accomplishments of a woman who has made a significant impact along the entire agricultural value chain. From production and processing to branding and marketing, this outstanding individual has not only achieved excellence but has also positively influenced her community. Extra recognition will be given if she has successfully exported her products. This year, this category received eleven (11) nominations from woman farmers in cocoa, rice ,livestock ,poultry  farming in  various districts including Akuapim North, Afram Plains South, Kwaebibirem, Akyem Krobo, Ayensuano, Anum Apapam, and Fanteakwa North.

SHE INNOVATES AWARD: This esteemed award celebrates a woman who demonstrates the power of innovation in her agribusiness. By identifying challenges within her community and the agricultural value chain, has developed innovative solutions that add value to her business and positively impact the industry as a whole. The She Innovates category received twelve (12) nominations from Achiase District, Kwahu Afram Plains North District and Fanteakwa North District.

FEED TO FOODS AWARD: Recognizing determination, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to success in the poultry and livestock sectors, this award honors a woman who has consistently exhibited excellence in these areas. Her contributions to the agricultural value chain are instrumental in ensuring food security and promoting sustainable practices. The Feed to Foods category has received eight (8) nominations from Assin South, Fanteakwa North District, and Lower Manya Krobo District. These women exemplify determination, integrity, and an unwavering commitment in ensuring food security, promoting sustainable practices, and contributing to the agricultural value chain.

SUPER WOMAN FARMER AWARD: In this special category, the focus is on a physically challenged woman whose dedication, work, and passion for agriculture have greatly contributed to community development, food security, poverty alleviation, job creation, and economic growth in the agricultural sector. This award aims to recognize and celebrate the resilience and valuable contributions of these remarkable women. The Super Woman Farmer category received six (6) nominations from Fanteakwa North District (Begoro), Fanteakwa North District (Addokrom), and Fanteakwa North District (Ayigbetown). These women defy obstacles and serve as inspirational figures for others.

This year as part of effort to celebrate farmers with disability, Agrihouse foundation will award, celebrate and support all six physically challenged farmers under this category.

CLIMATE SMART WOMEN PROJECT AWARD: This accolade honors a group of women or a woman-led organization that has implemented an outstanding climate-smart project in agriculture. By adopting sustainable practices, these changemakers contribute to the transformation and development of their communities while increasing agricultural productivity. This category received four (4) nominations from Afram Plain South District, Eastern Kwaebibirem Akyem Krobo District, and Eastern Yilo Krobo District. These women-led organizations implement projects that embrace sustainable practices, transforming their communities while increasing agricultural productivity.

STAR WOMAN AGRIPRENEUR AWARD: This special recognition is bestowed upon an outstanding young woman excelling in any field of agriculture. Her efficiency in service delivery, income performance, and role modeling abilities make her a shining example and an inspiration for other young girls within her community. The Star Woman Agripreneur category received five (5) nominations from Atiwa West District, Akyem Akropong, Fanteakwa North District, Addokrom.

DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH AWARD: This award recognizes a generational role model who quietly and selflessly contributes to her family, community, and the agricultural sector as a whole. Her mentorship and strides towards progress make her an unsung heroine whose impact should be celebrated and acknowledged. This category received three (3) nominations this year from Atiwa West, Akyem Akropong, and Assin South.

PRINCESS CARLA AWARD: This award pays tribute to a dedicated woman whose work and role positively affect communities by touching lives, mentoring, advising, counselling, and enhancing networks for other women of all ages. Her influence and commitment make her a true asset to her community. This category received one nomination from Atiwa West, Abomosu.

CHANGE CHAMPION AWARD: This category acknowledges the efforts of a professional corporate woman who is driving positive change within the agribusiness sector. Through her ongoing dedication, passion, and contributions, she not only impacts corporate internal change but also creates a significant national impact. This year, the change champion award received two (2) nominations from New Juaben South District and Somanya, Yilo Krobo.

ROYAL AGRO AWARD: Highlighting the pivotal role of traditional leaders, particularly Queenmothers, in supporting women in agriculture, this award acknowledges the personal commitment of a traditional leader in developing and empowering women in her community. Through access to land, training, social impact programs, and advocacy, she creates an enabling environment for women in agriculture to thrive. This category received three (3) nominations from Nsawam, Akyem Abuakua, and New Juaben South.

DEVELOPMENT PARTNER AWARD—: This special award acknowledges the significant contributions of the global affairs Canada for as an international organization committed to the development of women in agriculture. And for their continues support to AGRIHOUSE foundation’s WOFAGRIC and in the soil awards and their efforts in encouraging best practices and adding value to the community are recognized and celebrated.

LADY OF THE EXPORT REGION AWARD: This category aims to recognize and reward the most successful and innovative woman exporter within the region. Factors such as business size and export sales are taken into account to identify the exceptional woman who has excelled in expanding her business beyond borders. Unfortunately, this year, there were no nominations for the Lady of the Export Region Award. This presents an opportunity for individuals and organizations to support and promote women in export activities, ensuring their valuable contributions to the agricultural sector are acknowledged and celebrated.

SHE OPERATES AWARD: Acknowledging excellence in tractor service management and maintenance, this award recognizes a remarkable female professional who not only earns income through this trade but also imparts her community with her skills. Her dedication to this field contributes significantly to the growth and development of the agricultural community. However, it is disheartening to note that this year, there were no nominations for the She Operates Award. This highlights the need to encourage and recognize women involved in tractor service management, as they play a vital role in supporting agricultural operations. Let us come together to appreciate and uplift these talented women who contribute to the advancement of the agricultural sector.

Additionally, it is important to note that women farmers who are nominated and selected for the 5th WOFAGRIC and Gold in the Soil Awards will have the incredible opportunity to compete for recognition in the 15 coveted Gold in the Soil categories. These categories represent diverse aspects of the agricultural value chain and acknowledge the exceptional accomplishments of women across various fields within the sector.

This is aimed at giving these remarkable women the chance to showcase their expertise, innovation, and dedication to agriculture as they via for the prestigious Gold in the Soil Awards. The level of excellence and competition is expected to be unparalleled, underscoring the immense talent and potential within the women farming community.

The 5th WOFAGRIC and Gold in the Soil Awards sponsored by Global Affairs Canada, Yara Ghana and RDF Ghana LBG provides a platform for these remarkable women to share their experiences and success stories. The awards not only recognize their contributions but also inspire others, foster knowledge sharing, and encourage greater participation of women in agriculture. As the ceremony approaches, the agricultural community eagerly awaits the unveiling of the winners in each category, celebrating their accomplishments and inspiring a new generation of women farmers to reach greater heights in the field of agriculture.

ABOUT WOFAGRIC AND GOLD IN THE SOIL AWARDS: Agrihouse Foundation’s Women in Food and Agricultural Leadership Training Forum (WOFAGRIC) & The Gold in the Soil Awards is an annual event that strengthens and promotes a paradigm shift in celebrating women farmers, processors, marketers, and individuals contributing to the agricultural value chain. These awards acknowledge the remarkable efforts of women in various sectors, including transportation, packaging, technology, and input dealers. Every year, the event moves from region to region, searching for these extraordinary women who play a significant role in putting food on our tables. Regardless of their abilities, they are thriving to contribute to the growth of the agricultural sector.