The Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Yaw Frimpong Addo, has  reiterated government’s dedication to supporting the poultry industry and recognizing its invaluable contributions to the agricultural sector. He expressed this commitment during the Ghana Poultry Day and 3rd Ghana Chicken Festival.

The event, organized by the Agrihouse Foundation and held at the forecourt of the State House on July 1st, 2023, provided a platform to celebrate the poultry industry and foster collaboration among stakeholders.

Hon. Yaw Frimpong Addo, in his address, highlighted the pivotal role played by poultry farmers in driving agricultural development and stimulating economic growth in Ghana. He commended their dedication and unwavering efforts, underscoring their significant contributions to meeting the nation’s food demands and creating employment opportunities.

The Deputy Minister reaffirmed the government’s commitment to providing the necessary support and resources to ensure the success and growth of poultry farmers. He emphasized the importance of accessible and affordable inputs, improved production techniques, and market access for poultry products. Hon. Yaw Frimpong Addo stressed the need for continuous training and capacity-building programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of poultry farmers, empowering them to adopt best practices and innovative approaches.

Highlighting the essential role of collaboration, Hon. Yaw Frimpong Addo acknowledged that the poultry industry’s success relies on the joint efforts of the government, private sector, and farmers. He asserted,

“The future of Ghana’s poultry industry depends on our ability to work together. Collaboration between the government, private sector, and farmers is the foundation for achieving sustainable growth and prosperity. We recognize the immense potential of the poultry industry and are dedicated to creating an enabling environment for its growth.”

The Deputy Minister further emphasized the importance of continuous capacity building and knowledge-sharing programs to empower poultry farmers. He announced the government’s plans to facilitate training initiatives, equipping farmers with the necessary skills and tools to adopt modern techniques, enhance productivity, and seize emerging market opportunities.