Antwiwaa Christiana, a 37-year-old resident of Otoase, in the eastern region,has defied the odds and found success in an unexpected career change.

After struggling to find customers for her tailoring business, she made the bold decision to venture into farming, and it has proven to be a lucrative endeavour. With 5 acres of land dedicated to cultivating maize, cassava, okro (okra), and pepper, Christiana has not only transformed her own life but has also become a pillar of support for her community.

Christiana’s journey into farming began seven years ago when she realized that her tailoring business was not yielding the desired results. Faced with the challenge of attracting customers, she decided to explore other opportunities. With determination and a thirst for success, she turned her attention to agriculture, a sector known for its potential in Ghana.

With her entrepreneurial spirit, Christiana acquired 5 acres of land and started cultivating various crops. Maize, cassava, okro, and pepper became her primary focus, and she dedicated herself to mastering the techniques required to maximize yields. As her knowledge and expertise grew, so did her confidence in the agricultural industry.

To support her farming activities, Christiana employs three permanent staff members who work alongside her. Additionally, she hires two additional laborers as and when needed, depending on the demands of the farm. Through careful planning and strategic investments, she has managed to make her farming operation increasingly efficient.

This year, Christiana made a significant investment of approximately 5000 Ghanaian cedis into her farming business. The funds were allocated towards improving irrigation systems, purchasing quality seeds, and acquiring necessary machinery and equipment. These investments have not only boosted her productivity but have also contributed to the overall growth of her farm.

The fruits of Christiana’s labour extend beyond her personal success. Through her thriving agricultural enterprise, she has been able to provide support to her community. The farm produces an abundance of nutritious crops, which Christiana readily shares with her neighbours and local organizations. Her generosity and willingness to give back have made her a respected figure in Otoase.

In addition to the positive impact on the community, Christiana’s farming endeavours have brought personal rewards as well. Through her hard work and dedication, she has been able to build a house for herself and her family—a dream that she had long aspired to achieve. Her newfound financial stability has provided her family with security and opened doors for a brighter future.

Agrihouse Foundation’s production team  are presently traveling  across all 33 districts in the Eastern Region,their mission is to document the remarkable achievements of 62  shortlisted women farmers and farmers with disabilities in the Eastern Region,for the upcoming 5th Women in Food and Agricultural Leadership Training Forum (WOFAGRIC) & The Gold in the Soil Awards an annual rotational Regional intervention organized by Agrihouse Foundation in partnership with global affairs canada, captured the story of  Christiana.

Travelling from district to district,Agrihouse  Production Team seeks to  capture stories of resilience, innovation, and success, showcasing the immense talent and achievement and hard work of these women farmers in the Eastern Region.

Their efforts aims to make a profound impact by highlighting the incredible contributions of women farmers and farmers with disabilities, who pave the way for a more inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous agricultural sector that recognizes the vital role of women in shaping the future of food security.

Global Affairs Canada has for the past five years  shown a continued commitment to recognizing the invaluable contributions of women farmers by sponsoring Agrihouse Foundation’s production team in our  quest to recognize ,honour and celebrate women farmers and farmers with disability,other  partners for this years 5th WOFAGRIC and Gold in the Soil awards also includes Yara Ghana , RDF Ghana LBG and World Food Program.

Antwiwaa Christiana’s story serves as an inspiration, showcasing the possibilities that lie in perseverance and adaptability. By recognizing an opportunity in the agricultural sector and embracing it wholeheartedly, she has not only transformed her own life but has also become a catalyst for positive change in her community. Christiana’s success story is a testament to the potential that can be unlocked when one follows their passion and remains committed to their goals.

As Christiana continues her journey as a farmer, she hopes to inspire others to explore the possibilities in agriculture and realize their own potential. Through her story, she demonstrates that with determination, hard work, and a willingness to adapt, anyone can overcome challenges and achieve success in unexpected ways.

The 5th WOFAGRIC and Gold in the Soil Awards is scheduled for July 26-27 at Bedtime Hotel in Koforidua in the Eastern Region under the theme “OVERCOMING THE BARRIERS TO WOMEN AGRIBUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: THE ROLE OF STAKEHOLDERS,” promise to be a momentous occasion. These events will bring together stakeholders, industry leaders, and women farmers and farmers with disability to award and celebrate achievements, share knowledge, and pave the way for a more inclusive and prosperous agricultural sector.

ABOUT WOFAGRIC AND GOLD IN THE SOIL AWARDS: Agrihouse Foundation’s Women in Food and Agricultural Leadership Training Forum (WOFAGRIC) & The Gold in the Soil Awards is an annual event that strengthens and promotes a paradigm shift in celebrating women farmers, processors, marketers, and individuals contributing to the agricultural value chain. These awards acknowledge the remarkable efforts of women in various sectors, including transportation, packaging, technology, and input dealers. Every year, the event moves from region to region, searching for these extraordinary women who play a significant role in putting food on our tables. Regardless of their abilities, they are thriving to contribute to the growth of the agricultural sector.