On July 1st, Agrihouse Foundation orchestrated a momentous event, the Ghana Poultry Day/3rd Ghana Chicken Festival, with the goal of promoting the consumption and patronage of Ghana’s thriving poultry sector. The festival also sought to advocate for the official recognition of July 1st as Ghana Poultry Day, a significant milestone for the industry.

A key aspect of this initiative was to raise awareness about the pivotal role played by the poultry industry in areas such as employment generation, food security, and economic growth. By fostering a greater appreciation for this sector among stakeholders and the public, the event aimed to fortify and consolidate its growth and sustainability.

The venue for this grand celebration was the prestigious forecourt of the State House, where an impressive array of prominent figures converged. Dignitaries, politicians, ministers, media professionals, musicians, poultry enthusiasts, and families came together to commemorate the achievements, address the challenges, and explore the potential of Ghana’s poultry sector.

Broadspectrum Limited (BSL), an indigenous Ghanaian company specializing in Information Communication Technology services, played an instrumental role in the resounding success of the Ghana Poultry Day/3rd Ghana Chicken Festival. BSL demonstrated unwavering commitment to promoting and celebrating Ghana’s poultry industry by providing financial support, technical expertise, and active involvement in planning and execution.

Since its inception in 2012, Broadspectrum Limited has established itself as a major player in the industry, offering innovative solutions and services across various domains. The company has forged strategic partnerships with leading original equipment manufacturers to deliver networking and transmission solutions, cybersecurity, and cloud and IT infrastructure services.

During the festival, Castro Antwi Danso, the Managing Director of Agrospectrum, a subsidiary of Broadspectrum Limited, reaffirmed their dedication to supporting the agricultural sector in Ghana. He highlighted the importance of initiatives like the Ghana Poultry Day/3rd Ghana Chicken Festival in fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovative solutions for the industry’s growth.

Miss Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa, the Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation, expressed her gratitude to Broadspectrum Limited and other sponsors for their valuable contributions. Their support played a pivotal role in ensuring the festival’s resounding success. Miss Akosa commended Broadspectrum Limited’s commitment to empowering the poultry sector and promoting sustainable practices.

The partnership between Broadspectrum Limited and Agrihouse Foundation exemplifies the significance of collaborative efforts in driving positive change within the agricultural sector. Together, they created an unforgettable event that celebrated the achievements of the poultry industry, addressed critical issues, and laid the foundation for future advancements.

As we reflect on the profound impact of the Ghana Poultry Day/3rd Ghana Chicken Festival, it becomes evident that continued collaboration and investment in the poultry industry are essential to unlock its full potential. Miss Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa emphasized the importance of persisting in efforts to empower and elevate the poultry sector in Ghana.