Kate Asare,a 64 years old , hardworking and determined female farmer from Tumfa in  the Atiwa West District,in Eastern Region transformed her life from being a tailor to becoming a flourishing farmer and philanthropist. With a passion for agriculture and unwavering perseverance, Kate not only achieved financial independence but also positively impacted her community.

In her farming endeavours, Kate managed nine acres of cocoa farms and seven acres of palm plantain, cassava, plantain, and cocoyam. Additionally, she was involved in palm oil production and soap making, showcasing her diverse skills and commitment to agricultural development.

Fifteen years ago, Kate decided to embrace a new career path beyond tailoring and diversified her ventures, expanding into various agricultural activities. Her hard work and dedication led to remarkable success, enabling her to provide for her five children and support their education. Furthermore, her achievements in agriculture allowed her to begin constructing her own house, a testament to her determination and commitment to growth.

With seven permanent workers and ten hired laborers, Kate Asare became a significant contributor to the local economy, providing job opportunities for her community members.Her efforts was  recognized in 2014 when she received the esteemed “Best Woman Farmer” award in the Atiwa East District, acknowledging her exceptional contributions to the agricultural sector.

Aside from her farming  achievements, Kate consistently demonstrates her commitment to giving back to the community. She actively participated in communal labour to support local projects and, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, selflessly sewed and distributed nose masks to safeguard her community members.

Despite her remarkable accomplishments, Kate faced challenges in her farming activities, particularly in accessing essential fertilizers. Fertilizers play a critical role in enhancing crop yields and overall farm productivity, and Kate Asare and her team hoped to receive support in this area to further boost their agricultural output.

Kate who is vying for the Passion for Farm Award in Agrihouse Foundation’s Gold in the Soil Awards , shared her aspirations for the future, expressing confidence that with adequate access to fertilizers, their cocoa and palm plantain ventures would flourish even more, benefiting their community and contributing to the local economy.

vying for the passion for farm award in Agrihouse Foundations ,Gold in the Soil Awards ,Kate Asare’s inspiring journey exemplified the power of resilience, determination, and passion in pursuing one’s dreams. Her success in agriculture served as an inspiration to women farmers and entrepreneurs everywhere,

As Kate continued to make strides in the agricultural sector and give back to her community, her story became a testament to the potential for positive change that lies within each individual. With the support of the community, stakeholders, and organizations, Kate Asare’s farming ventures had the potential to reach new heights, solidifying her legacy as an exceptional farmer and a compassionate philanthropist.

 Agrihouse Foundation’s Production Team travelled across all 33 districts in the Eastern Region, documenting the remarkable achievements of 62 shortlisted women farmers and farmers with disabilities for the 5th Women in Food and Agricultural Leadership Training Forum (WOFAGRIC) & The Gold in the Soil Awards. This annual rotational regional intervention organized by Agrihouse Foundation, in partnership with Global Affairs Canada, aims to recognize, honour, and celebrate the invaluable contributions of women farmers and farmers with disabilities.

Global Affairs Canada has for the past five years shown a continued commitment to recognizing the invaluable contributions of women farmers by sponsoring Agrihouse Foundation’s production team in our quest to recognize, honour and celebrate women farmers and farmers with disability, other partners for this year’s 5th WOFAGRIC and Gold in the Soil awards also includes Yara Ghana ,RDF Ghana LBG and World Food Program.

scheduled for July 26-27 in Koforidua, Eastern Region, under the theme “OVERCOMING THE BARRIERS TO WOMEN AGRIBUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: THE ROLE OF STAKEHOLDERS.” These events brought together stakeholders, industry leaders, and women farmers and farmers with disabilities to award and celebrate achievements, share knowledge, and pave the way for a more inclusive and prosperous agricultural sector.
ABOUT WOFAGRIC AND GOLD IN THE SOIL AWARDS: Agrihouse Foundation’s Women in Food and Agricultural Leadership Training Forum (WOFAGRIC) & The Gold in the Soil Awards is an annual event that strengthens and promotes a paradigm shift in celebrating women farmers, processors, marketers, and individuals contributing to the agricultural value chain. These awards acknowledge the remarkable efforts of women in various sectors, including transportation, packaging, technology, and input dealers. Every year, the event moves from region to region, searching for these extraordinary women who play a significant role in putting food on our tables. Regardless of their abilities, they thrive to contribute to the growth of the agricultural sector.