Josephine Duodu,a 38-year-old farmer from Otoase in the Eastern Region, Ghana has defied the odds and transformed her life through her determination and dedication to agriculture. After facing financial difficulties due to unpaid debts from her trading business, Duodu made the bold decision to switch careers and embrace farming as her new livelihood.

With three acres of fertile farmland, Duodu diversified her agricultural pursuits, cultivating maize, cassava, pineapples, and beans. Over the past 12 years, she has honed her skills as a farmer, overcoming numerous challenges and achieving remarkable success along the way.

The decision to transition into farming was not an easy one, but her perseverance paid off. Today, she stands as a shining example of how determination and hard work can lead to a brighter future. Through her agricultural endeavours, she has not only secured her own sustenance but has also been able to positively impact the lives of those around her.

One of Duodu’s major accomplishments is the construction of her own house. From the profits earned through her farming activities, she managed to fulfil her dream of having a place to call her own. Moving out of her family house marked a significant milestone in her life, symbolizing her independence and success as a self-made farmer.
Her dedication to agriculture has also paved the way for her son’s education. Despite the financial challenges she faced, she managed to support her son through his Junior High School (JHS) education. Her commitment to her child’s future is a testament to the sacrifices she has made and the importance she places on education.

When asked about her journey, she expressed gratitude for the opportunities that agriculture has provided her. She emphasized the sense of fulfilment and joy she experiences when seeing the fruits of her labour and witnessing the positive impact on her own life and that of her community.

“I am proud to be a farmer,” Duodu exclaimed. “Through hard work and perseverance, I have been able to transform my life and create a better future for myself and my family. I hope to inspire others to embrace agriculture and realize its potential to uplift communities.”

Agrihouse Foundation’s production team is presently embarking  on a journey across all 33 districts in the Eastern Region,their mission is to document the remarkable achievements of 62  nominated women farmers and farmers with disabilities in the Eastern Region, Shortlisted for the  upcoming 5th Women in Food and Agricultural Leadership Training Forum (WOFAGRIC) & The Gold in the Soil Awards an annual  regional and rotational  intervention organized and implemented by Agrihouse Foundation in partnership with Global Affairs Canada.

Their efforts aims to make a profound impact by highlighting the incredible contributions of women farmers and farmers with disabilities, who pave the way for a more inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous agricultural sector that recognizes the vital role of women in shaping the future of food security.

Global Affairs Canada has for the past five years  shown a continued commitment to recognizing the invaluable contributions of women farmers by sponsoring Agrihouse Foundation’s production team,other key partners for this years 5th WOFAGRIC and Gold in the Soil awards also includes Yara Ghana ,RDF Ghana LBG and World Food Program.

Travelling from district to district, Agrihouse Production team captured the story of Josephine whose success story serves as an inspiration to many aspiring farmers and entrepreneurs, highlighting the possibilities that lie within the agricultural sector. Her determination and resilience remind us all that with the right mindset and a strong work ethic, anyone can overcome adversity and achieve their dreams.

As Josephine Duodu continues her farming journey, her impact resonates beyond her own success. She stands as a beacon of hope, embodying the transformative power of agriculture in creating sustainable livelihoods and empowering individuals to create a better future for themselves and their communities.

The upcoming WOFAGRIC and Gold in the Soil Awards, scheduled for July 26-27 at the Bedtime Hotel ,Koforidua in the Eastern Region under the theme “OVERCOMING THE BARRIERS TO WOMEN AGRIBUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: THE ROLE OF STAKEHOLDERS,” promise to be a momentous occasion. These events will bring together stakeholders, industry leaders, and women farmers and farmers with disability to award and celebrate achievements, share knowledge, and pave the way for a more inclusive and prosperous agricultural sector.

ABOUT WOFAGRIC AND GOLD IN THE SOIL AWARDS: Agrihouse Foundation’s Women in Food and Agricultural Leadership Training Forum (WOFAGRIC) & The Gold in the Soil Awards is an annual event that strengthens and promotes a paradigm shift in celebrating women farmers, processors, marketers, and individuals contributing to the agricultural value chain. These awards acknowledge the remarkable efforts of women in various sectors, including transportation, packaging, technology, and input dealers. Every year, the event moves from region to region, searching for these extraordinary women who play a significant role in putting food on our tables. Regardless of their abilities, they are thriving to contribute to the growth of the agricultural sector.