This year Agrihouse Foundation is committed to exploring more creative and innovative ideas that will have increased impacts on our projects and beneficiaries, Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation, Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa has noted.

 “Last year, we focused on working smart. By doing so, we made the most of our internal and external resources to scale up our impacts. This year, we aim to build on the efforts we implemented in 2022, with more creativity and innovation,” she said in the very first office meeting for the new year.

While expressing gratitude to sponsor organizations and stakeholders whose financial and technical support contributed to successes the Foundation chalked last year, Ms. Akosa reiterated the need for more partnerships and collaborations this year, which she said, is the way to sustain development and productivity, within the agric sector. Last year, Agrihouse Foundation chalked a number of successes across the value chain through its interventional projects and collaborations.

Gathering of the Royals: the Gathering of the Royals, which the Foundation initiated last year brings together representatives from Development Partner agencies, Government institutions, Parliamentarians, Embassies, Policymakers, Researchers, Academia, Religious leaders, the civil society and Agricultural Value Chain actors and stakeholders.The event has been designed as an experts’ thought sharing and solution-oriented platform that will gives the above stakeholders the platform to elaborate on Agricultural development projects and initiatives they are championing in their various clans and districts.

Last year, the event brought together fifty (50) Queen Mothers and traditional leaders to discuss agricultural development, and highlight projects they are championing in their various clans and districts. The event hosted selected parliamentarians, development partners and corporative institutions to be part of the conversations around agric development, making room for practical, realistic and achievable solutions to be discussed. Through a Call TO ACTIONS Communique, policy directions aimed at strengthening sustainable farming and a women friendly agricultural system was put together and presented to the political figures and organizational leaders who were present at the event.

Agricultural Students’ Career Guidance & Mentorship Dialogue Bootcamp (AG-STUD): this practical beginner Agribusiness initiative is designed to develop agric students, beginner agribusinesses and start- up’ expertise, while exposing them to the dynamics of the market, through education and leadership programs essential for achieving success in agriculture and agribusiness. In the past five years, AG-STUD-AFRICA, has benefitted over 1000 agribusiness students and beginner agribusinesses develop strong and bankable business plans. The Agricultural Students Career Guidance and Mentorship Dialogue bootcamp (Ag-Stud Africa) benefitted about 60 students last year. Since 2018, over 700 over agric students and beginner agribusinesses have participated in the bootcamp, developing strong and bankable business plans. The experience has empowered over 500 students from 30 different schools with entrepreneurship skills, and supported them with start-up capital to start their agri-businesses. About 250 beginner agribusinesses have been established by students who have participated in AG-STUD.

Livestock Poultry & Fisheries Trade Show (LiPF): The tradeshow aims to ensure all facets of the agricultural sector, including animal agricultural production, receive equal attention and resources. The annual event offers participants the opportunity to exhibit their products and services, engage in panel discussions and dialogues and go through training sessions, such as Livestock Training Session • Piggery Training Session• Rabbit Training Session • Cattle Training Session • Fisheries & Aquaculture Training Session • Grasscutters Training Session • Snail Training Session. TheTradeshow (LIPF), has in the past four years attracted local and international animal farmers and exhibitors from countries like Nigeria, Kenya, and Ethiopia, since 2019. The two-day event has empowered over 50,000 sub holder farmers to venture into animal agriculture, with training and capacity building skills in poultry, piggery, rabbit, cattle, and snail farming. Over 90% of participants and exhibitors testify positively about the event, describing it as a perfect introductory training program for animal farmers.

Women in Food and Agricultural Leadership Forum (WOFAGRIC) and Gold in the Soil Awards: this project was designed and first implemented in 2019 by Agrihouse to enable women develop their agricultural skills, motivate, mentor and build upon their capabilities to becoming independent. WOFAGRIC, over the past years has helped shape and build more professionals in the field of agriculture, importantly, has been a source of women empowerment. The two-part project has over the years acknowledged the industriousness of women in agriculture by awarding them through the Gold in the Soil Awards. This awards scheme goes a long run to motivate other women to venture into the fields of agriculture business. Over the years, a number of the nominees for the Gold in the Soil Awards made entries into the National Best Farmers Award Scheme at district, regional and national levels.

About 7 of them have won laurels at the district and regional levels whist 2 of them picked up awards at the National awards. Over 25% of participants are now thriving as agribusiness owners because of the agribusiness management training they receive during the events. Most of the women have taken up leadership roles within their within their communities and regions, as aggregators, NGO Founders, Women Farmer Organization leaders, among others. In 2021, about 50% of women farmers recorded at the event manage 10 to 65 acres of farmland, and are between the ages 25-65years, with a number of them being women farmers with a physical disability.

Annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Conference and Exhibitions: the Annual Pre-harvest Agribusiness Conference and Exhibitions is the only project that was handed down to Agrihouse Foundation by USAID, as part of the organizations exiting strategy. The event has become one of the leading and highly impactful interventional market linkage events on the Ghanaian Agribusiness calendar, providing long-term market development opportunities for farmers and agribusinesses. The award-winning market-linkage platform promotes business partnerships among value chain actors, especially farmers, buyers, processors, government, Development partners, transporters, input dealers, civil society, equipment dealers, financial institutions, telecom companies and policy makers.

Pre-harvest culminates with conferencing events, presentations, exhibitions and market place for business-to-business meeting. It also serves as a dynamic platform for farmers to negotiate and seal contracts, and seeks to strengthen the capacity of Farmer Based Organizations (FBO’s), Aggregators, Processors and value chain actors for them to play a key role as agricultural market actors. It further assists farmers and agribusinesses to expand their businesses before and after harvesting.

Ghana Chicken Festival (GHA-CHICK): the event is aimed to encourage the purchase and consumption of Ghana chicken to Ghanaians; create a platform for households, Stakeholders to be educated and informed about the significance of consuming locally bred birds (Chicken, Guinea Fowl and Turkey) and coupled with informative fun-filled activities, in an atmosphere of entertainment and relaxation. Last year, the 2nd edition of the festival (GHA-CHICK) brought together over fifty (50) Households, last year; in a relaxed atmosphere, with great music and recreational games like oware, Scrabble, Ludo and Monopoly, the families sampled different meals made with chicken.

1 household, 1 Garden Initiative (1h,1g): the 1 household, 1 garden is an initiative collaterally intended to further scale up government’s ongoing efforts to support families and communities to be more self-reliant, while its core objective is to provide Ghanaians a simple and easily accessible source of augmenting their daily food need without often stepping out beyond their homes. The 1 household, 1 garden initiative essentially aims at triggering a wave of self-sufficiency and enhanced nutrition through the ignition of interest in home gardening, in the wake of COVID-19, to mitigate the effects of food accessibility. Being funded by AGRA through USAID- Feed the Future Program, has in its first phase empowered over 2000 households to become more self-reliant and conscious about food security. The households are freely provided 12 assorted vegetable seedlings, manure, garden tools, treated soil, Training Manual, garden structures, and given the needed support and gardening manuals to help them establish their garden and manage it.

The 1household, 1garden Initiative, being funded by AGRA through USAID- Feed the Future Program, has in its first phase empowered over 2000 households to become more self-reliant and conscious about food security. The households are freely provided 12 assorted vegetable seedlings, manure, garden tools, treated soil, Training Manual, garden structures, and given the needed support and gardening manuals to help them establish their garden and manage it.

International Farmers and Agribusiness Resilience and Sustainability Convention (INTAFAC): INTAFAC seeks to bring together Farmers and the members of the Agribusiness sector to influence transformation; with focus on public-private partnerships, investment opportunities, significantly raise the bar and create an action-driven blueprint towards further agricultural development in the country. INTAFAC will set a stage for open and informed dissuasions and debates on major social, human and environmental obstacles that hinders the development of a buoyant Agri-economic, market resilience and self-sustainable Agri- institution.

The convention will engage Agri-leaders, players and experts from government; Farmer based Organizations, development partners, Finance, businesses, technology, academia and actors. They will share their knowledge and expertise on how the agricultural sector in Ghana can begin to focus, develop and adopt strategies, policies, and techniques, that will positively impact and scale up efforts, in building a sustainable, commercially viable and all-inclusive Agricultural sector. The event is expected to come off in March.

The Agri-Woman Marketplace: the marketplace seeks to support women Agribusinesses recover, grow and promote their farm produce, products and services. It provides free exhibitions and marketing space for the women to sell and promote their products and services, whiles opening up their access to markets. Fully sponsored by Agrihouse Foundation, the initiative empowers women led agribusinesses, as a way of helping them to recover fully from the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over 200 women farmers and women-led agribusinesses have so far benefited from the agri-woman marketplace event, which also offers opportunity for knowledge sharing and capacity-building dialogues. The event has created networking opportunities for agri-women in areas such as farming, processing, packaging, marketing, IT service providers among others. This has led to increase in their sales, with a number of them securing major deals with local and international companies that purchase raw and semi-processed agricultural produce.

AgriWatchgh News Portal and Mobile App: AgriWatchgh: AgriWatchgh is a agric-focused news portal and a bi-weekly newsletter platform of Agrihouse Foundation that updates stakeholders with agricultural news, issues, and trends regionally, nationally and globally. You can access to relevant and timely agric news at AgriWatchgh News Portal was initiated in the early months of 2019, at the height of the COVID-19 epidemic, when the Foundation noticed the dire socio-economic implications the spread of the virus was having on the agricultural sector, in the country and beyond. A year down the line, AgriWatchgh New Portal has become a fast growing, prominent news website, among Ghanaians and international stakeholders.

AgriWatch News App: The fast growing visibility and general acceptance of AgriWatch News Portal necessitated the design and implementation of the mobile news App, ‘AgriWatch News App’ makes accessing news on ‘AgricWatch News Portal,’ easier and more convenient for readers. The mobile ‘AgriWatch News App.’ is on the Google Play Store. With these relevant and trustworthy news platforms, the Foundation seeks to continue expanding it communications portfolio and make agriculture-related news more related, exciting and friendly to all Ghanaians and agri-stakeholders across the globe.

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