2nd Phase: 1 Household-1 Garden Initiative

2nd Phase: 1 Household-1 Garden Initiative

The second phase of 1 Household-1 Garden Initiative is targeting households and schools interested to be part of a backyard – sized agricultural operation in 17 selected  districts in the Northern Region, North East and Upper West Regions.
The purpose of this project is to ensure the resilience of households to the shocks and stresses caused by climate change to food systems by diversifying their focus commodities to include vegetables to improve their nutrition. The project also serves as a COVID-19 response strategy to enhance Household Food Security and improve livelihoods.
Eligible candidates include all domiciled in the Districts below and able to utilize their available backyard space for this purpose.

1. Daffiama Bussie Issa
2. Nadowli
3. Sissala East
4. Sissala West
5. Wa East
6. East Mamprusi
7. Mamprugu Moagduri
8. Mion
9. Sagnarigu
10. Nanton
11. Gushegu
12. Karaga
13. Yendi Municipal

This initiative, guided by AGRA,  Agrihouse Foundation and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture concentrates on food production to prepare, mitigate and respond to and recover from the COVID19 pandemic with special emphasis on national food security.
It sets out to support and enhance  efforts in the area of job creation and building the capacity of the youth, who are eager to support in setting up these farms in homes across the aforementioned Districts.

The project seeks to create further jobs and support the livelihoods of carpenters, masons and, possibly, some unemployed engineering graduates, who will be most relevant in the implementation of this national home garden project.
Nutrition wise, the program seeks to put fresh nutritious produce closer to homes.

We believe, this will further boost efforts of Government, Development Partners and Private sector players to achieve a Ghana beyond food aid.

(Any area of land adjacent or attached to the current dwelling premises of the respondent is considered as a backyard garden. It consists of a potential cultivable area up to a maximum of 1/16th of an acre, equivalent to 2723-3000 square feet of land.)
NB: Persons who show innovative techniques with regards to limited land space i.e. Sacks, arcade, container, rooftop garden systems, window box, wood, bricks, clay and cement garden systems are encouraged to sign up

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List of Award winners for 2022 Gold in the Soil Awards

List of Award winners for 2022 Gold in the Soil Awards

Passion for Farm Award

Esi Akyere

Esi Akyere is eyeing the Diamond in the Rough Award and she believes strongly that she going to win it. Her 50-acre farm consist of cocoa, plantain, palm nut, yam, cocoyam, rice, maize, coconut, tomatoes, groundnut, rubber, goat, sheep and poultry.

She- Innovates

Matcom Company – Yaa Sosu

62 year old Maa Yaa, stepped Up her Farm-game, from, being only a cassava farmer, to establishing a mini Gari Processing factory, in her community! Maa Yaa has through this created employment for over 15 young men in the community and over 25 young ladies who now serve as distributors! Maa Yaa’s Agribusiness Journey, of bringing hope and creating employment, has been captured in the GOLD IN THE SOIL AWARDS DOCUMENTARY!

Climate Smart Women Project Award

Mary Perpetua Kwakuyi  

Mary is an inspiration! Besides being a crop and vegetable Farmer, Mary has gone beyond to establish a Demonstration Centre in Ekma, Western Region, where she trains the youth in her community and other beginner Agribusinesses, on adopting climate smart strategies and approaches in farming.. Over 10,000 people have benefited from Mary’s weekly training sessions. Mary’s journey to becoming a Climate Smart Agriculture advocate and a farmer has been captured in the Gold in the Soil Awards Documentary!

Outstanding Woman in Extension Services Award

Eva Adu

Eva’s passion and commitment towards women empowerment is palpable and evident in the ways she innovates and organizes training and capacity-building progams for the agriwomen she works with. As an Extension Service Officer, she goes beyond her expected responsibilities and shows up for her women farmers in tremendous ways, in spite of challenges. She shares her inspiring story in her Gold in the Soil Awards Documentary.

The Super Woman Farmer Award

  1. Rebbecca Aidoo

52 year old, visually impaired Madam Rebecca’s strength and zeal, inspires us all! A maize, Cocoa and Plantain farmer, her ability to cultivate over 10 acres, with ease, needs to be studied and adopted! She will be receiving a ‘Special SuperWoman Award’, under the GOLD IN THE SOIL AWARD Category. Her story has been captured in the Gold in the Soil documentary, on how she is enabling and supporting young women in her community, to adopt best practices, to be sustainable Farmers!

2. Joyce Asante

100% visually impaired Aunty Joyce’s farming strategies  needs to be studied in Harvard, and her successes she has chalked as a Cocoa, cassava and maize farmer, needs tp be celebrated! She is a role model to women with disabilities in her community,many of whom have ventured into farming because of her. Her ‘strong-willed’ personality and how she is contributing to sustainable farming, has been captured in the GOLD IN THE SOIL AWARDS DOCUMENTARY!

3. Joyce Quarteng

Madam Joyce found peace and happiness in the Soil, after she lost one of her legs!. She went into the nursing and sales of Cocoa seedlings, and gradually became a Cocoa farmer! Her journey, on how she balances her work, as a woman farmer with disability, has been captured in the GOLD IN THE SOIL AWARDS DOCUMENTARY.

4. Rose Mensah

Madam Rose found peace and happiness in the Soil, after she lost one of her legs!. She went into the nursing and sales of Cocoa seedlings, and gradually became a Cocoa farmer!  Her journey, on how she balances her work, as a woman farmer with disability, has been captured in the GOLD IN THE SOIL AWARDS DOCUMENTARY.

5. Joyce Agyei Sakyiwaa

Auntie Joyce, as she is affectionately called describes agriculture as her lifesaver, in a society where most people with disability are stripped of their dignity. She says farming gives her hope because her efforts provide her income and has helped her establish a life she is proud of. In her GOLD IN THE SOIL AWARDS Documentary, she shares her successes, challenges and the need for more support for persons with disability.


6. Ophelia Ackah

Madam Ophelia owns 4 acres of Cocoa and palm nut farm. She recently expanded her business to include an oil processing factory, which is doing very well. She has been able to provide jobs for young people in her community. Her abilities, beyond her disabilities, as a woman farmer, has been captured in the GOLD IN THE SOIL AWARDS DOCUMENTARY.

Star Woman Agripreneur Award

Rosemond Afua Afful

Rosemond’s zeal to ensure, she eliminates post losses, has led her to consciously grow a strong market network system, for her vegetables! She cultivates over 15 acres of vegetables, which she supplies to shops and malls within and outside the Western Region! Her determination to meet quality standards has been captured in the GOLD IN THE SOIL AWARDS DOCUMENTARY!

Royal Agro Award

Ekua Badu

From Wasa Angu, in the Western Region, kindly meet the “ever-smily” 74years old Farmer and Queenmother; growing maize, Cocoa, yam and vegetables. Madam Ekua has been nominated for the ROYAL AGRO Award Category, under the GOLD IN THE SOIL AWARDS! Her story of resilience and hope food security, has been captured in the Gold in the Soil documentary. Her passion for growth and her influence as a Royal, is encouraging young women around her to embrace sustainable farming.

Diamond in the Rough Award

Abena Asantewaa

Abena Asantewaa is truly a diamond in the rough who continues to shine on as a woman in agriculture. Residing in Akutuase in the Western region, the tenacious farmer cultivates a 22-acre farm of coco, plantain, garden eggs, tomatoes, maize, pepper, yam and cocoyam. She believes she the best person to win the Diamond in the Rough Award, and she shares why in her Documentary.


Feed to Food Awards

Edna Ama Mensah

Edna is a bold and beautiful Poultry Farmer, in the Western Region, with 1000s of broilers & layers! Her journey to becoming a Poultry Farmer is an amazing one! She is a born fighter and happy to be nominated for the FEED TO FOOD AWARD, under the GOLD IN THE SOIL AWARDS CATEGORY! Her extraordinary story, has been documented, to be shared with you soon, to inspire, motivate & support tell the story of how our women farmers are growing community Agriculture.

The Change Champion Award

Marian Ofori Twumasi

Marian is a young rear visionary. Her dedication and passion for agribusiness permeates in everything she has been able to achieve since she venture into the sector, as a university student. Now at 34 years old, she runs a 200 acre farm consisting of an Oil palm plantation, cocoa plantation, coconut farm, maize farm, rice farm, cassava farm, plantain farm, and bee hives. The rest are palm oil processing, poultry feed processing, poultry farm, cattle farm, fish farm, snail farm, poultry feed shop, transportation, aggregation, tomatoes farm, citronella farm, 11 permanent employees, 100’s of casual workers. She truly an inspiration and great support to hundreds of young women in her community, in the Sefwi Nkronua Atifi district of the Western –North Region. Her story has been captured in the GOLD IN THE SOIL AWARDS DOCUMENTARY!

Lady of the Region Export Award

Georgina Filson

Georgina Filson is soaring high as an agriwoman processor and exporter. Started with only a dream and courage, her commitment to her venture is now yielding incredible results and winning her awards. She shares her amazing journey with Agrihouse in her GOLD IN THE SOIL AWARDS Documentary.  

Development Partner Award

Princess Carla Award

Monica Nwiah

Talk of a community female superhero in Dompim community, and all hands will point to Aunt Monica. When her community needed part of her strategically located farmland, for a school project, she willingly donated part of the land to them and her effort, has earned the community, the Dompin 1 primary & JSS, getting more and more young people, to be enrolled in school. She presently owns 32 acres of maize, plantain, cassava, yam, coconut and coco yam. She also has a goat, sheep and Poultry farm. She has supported a number of youth to venture into farming, by providing them with Seeds and Soft loans. Her impactful story, of how is she making her community happy, and transforming livelihoods, has been captured in the GOLD IN THE SOIL AWARDS DOCUMENTARY.

Gold in the soil Award

Evelyn Andoh

Evelyn continuously shoots for the stars because she believes women can rise above societal limitations. And every day she demonstrates that on her 128-acre farmer, cultivating crops like cocoa, plantain, rice, maize, palm nut, yam, and cocoyam, in addition to goats, sheep, and poultry. She is eyeing the ultimate Gold in the Soil Award, and in her Documentary she share with Agrihouse why she is deserving of the recognition.


4th ‘Gold in the Soil Awards’ receives Significant Entries from Women Farmers with Disabilities

4th ‘Gold in the Soil Awards’ receives Significant Entries from Women Farmers with Disabilities

Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation, Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa Sarpong has noted that, this year’s Gold in the Soil Awards, has for the 1st time in four (4) years, received over 17 entries from women with disabilities, primarily from the Western and Western North Regions of Ghana.

Ms. Akosa Sarpong made this revelation at a Press Launch of the 4th women in Food and Agric leadership Training Forum and the Gold in the Soil Awards, held yesterday, at the Office of the Western Regional Minister, in the Western Region.

According to her, this is very positive and represents our efforts over past 3 years, to encourage and push for an all-inclusive approach, to build and inspire more women farmers with disabilities come out and be at the frontline, in building community agriculture.

In total, 82 entries have been received for the 16 categories, under the Gold in the Soil Awards, which is slated to hold on the 22nd and 23rd of June, 2022 at the Akroma Plaza Hotel, in Takoradi.

The Passion for Farm category, which goes to a woman excited and passionate about agribusiness and contributing to the growth of her community, received 17% of the total entries. Majority of the women who submitted entries for this very category are women farmers, in Sefwi Wiawso, Amenfi West, Jomoro Municipal, Wasa East, Shama Essumankrom, and Effia Kwesimintsim Municipal. They fall within ages 20 to 60 and cultivating a farmland of between 5arces to 35 acres.

The Foundation, she said, will also be paying close attention to women operating in the areas of climate smart farming, (CLIMATE SMART CATEGORY), the Lady of the Region Export Award Category and the “She-Operator Award Category”, which has over the years received the lowest entries, with only 2.5% of total women submitting entries this year.

This is an indication that, there is more room for improvement and some more work to do, and as a Foundation, we are looking forward to working, more closely with both the Private and Public institutions, development Partners and related agencies, to upgrade knowledge of women in agriculture, to enhance productivity, growth and expansion.

The remaining award categories, including Royal Agro Award, She Innovates, Outstanding Women in Extension Services, and Diamond in the rough Award, all received encouraging entries, between 10 to 18% nominations.

The Feed to Foods Awards, Star Woman Agripreneur Award, Princess Carla and Change Champion Award, all pulled off average numbers, between 8 to 10% nominations.

“Generally, we are satisfied with the balanced representation in the remaining categories; as well as the number of women farmers and Agribusinesses represented in this year’s nominations,” Ms. Akosa Sarpong said.

The ultimate Award, The Gold in the Soil Award received strong seven nominations, including 2 from women farmers with disabilities.  Over the last 3 years, the Award has been given to an outstanding woman in agriculture, producing along the entire agricultural value chain, from production through to processing, branding and marketing, among others. Importantly, her agribusiness should be making recognizable impacts on her community.

Last year Madam Portia Asumda, from Zangeyire in the Upper East Region won the category. She has been farming for the past eight years.

She is into shea-processing and crop production, and rearing of livestock. She works with over about two thousand agri-women across upper-east, west and the Tansi district. Under her leadership and coordination, they are able to process their sheabutter, which for some years now; they have had opportunity to start exporting to countries like the USA and Canada.

As the ultimate winner, Portia Asumda, took home a brand new tricycle, with support from the Canadian Embassy, to aid with transportation. She also received a Gold in the Soil Award plague, fertilizer bags provided by Yara Ghana, an irrigation pump, provided by Interplast and Peg Solar. She received a certificate of honor, a full piece of cloth and branded T-shirts from all the sponsors of the event.

For his part, the Western Regional Minister, Hon. Kwabena Okyere Darko Mensah, in a speech read on his behalf praised Agrihouse Foundation for instituting the WOFAGRIC and Gold in the Soil Awards, which he described a laudable initiative.

He said the Western region was ready to host the main two-day event, come 22nd and 23rd June, and further explore the partnership and networking opportunities the event has to offer the women farmers of both the Western and Western-North region. 

Annually, the Gold in the Soil Awards moves from region to region, with the aim of celebrating, empowering, building data of women in agric, across the Regions, mentoring and increasing the participation of women in agribusiness. The award scheme has over the years, recognized the efforts of exceptional agriwomen whose contributions are significantly influencing the growth and sustainability of the country’s agricultural sector.

Their inspiring stories are featured in a documentary series produced by Agrihouse Foundation, to serve as motivation and encouragement for other women who desire to venture into the sector.

In the last 3 years, the event has been held in the Volta Region, Ashanti Region, Upper East and West Regions.  About 638 women have submitted entries, with 45 of them, receiving Awards under the various categories

The Gold in the Soil Awards is also part of the Women in Food and Agriculture Leadership Training Forum (WOFAGRIC). The two-part event, since inception, has brought  together, over 2000 women in agriculture, and stakeholders in government, policy and administration, development-partner organisations, Research, FBOs, Agric institutions, and resource persons, who support in the capacity building, training and mentorship sessions.

In the past three years, WOFAGRIC and the GOLD in the Soil Awards has developed and strengthened women in Agribusiness and exposed them to different and more recent approaches in handling their agribusinesses. It has nurtured and recognized the agribusiness community, where the sharing of business knowledge and industry innovations is at the forefront of helping women excel in the sector.

RDF Ghana, YARA, Fidelity Bank, ABSA Bank and Global Affairs Canada are corporate sponsors this year’s event.

Collaborating Institution include the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA), Women in Agriculture Development (WIAD) and the National Farmers and Fishermen Award Winners Association (NFFAWAG) and the Western Regional Coordinating Council.