The success of the local agriculture industry is heavily reliant on the input of industry firms who combine innovation and excellence to great effect.
Through the delivery of cutting-edge services that are tailored to fit the peculiar challenges of the local agric industry, some firms have cemented their place as conspicuous allies of Ghanaian agriculture.
Besides quality products and relevant service delivery, these firms demonstrate admirable responsibility by consistently supporting the industry through ventures that are set-up to serve Corporate Social Responsibility ends.
One of such stand-out firm is YARA Ghana Limited. Yara is a world –renowned firm versed in the production and distribution of mineral fertilizer.
Since venturing into Ghana over a decade ago, Yara has been importing and supplying high quality products for various crop areas such as cereals, vegetables, cocoa, etc.
The company has an expansive nationwide distribution network, which affords her the leverage of offering technical support for farmers signed onto its Yara “Crop Nutrition solutions” initiative.
With a central goal that is hinged on a desire to be a global leader in sustainable agriculture and environmental solutions, the company operates with a wider pool of organizational aspirations, which include being environmentally responsible, and responding to major global challenges, particularly those that directly affect the companies farmer-clients.
As a multinational firm, Yara’s committed to international operational principles is demonstrated by the firms support for the UN Global Compact, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Companies, the UN Declaration on Human Rights and the OECD Conventions on Combating Bribery.

Commitment to Innovation
Yara’s commitment to entrenching innovation in the local agric sector is laudable. In-fact the company has supported nearly every worthwhile initiative that has sought to place farmers on a better footing since it began operations a decade ago. Yara is always at the fore-front of championing initiatives that have proven vital to the growth and development of agriculture in Ghana.
Besides its partnership efforts, Yara is noted for outdooring brilliant agric concepts of its own that have shown great worth in the crusade to position the agric sector for greatness.
In the last ten years, Yara has been at the fore-front of revolutionizing the fertilizer industry in Ghana by introducing its Crop Nutrition Concept which focuses on crop knowledge, portfolio combinations and application competence. These three pillars are key in helping Ghanaian farmers optimize profitability in a sustainable manner instead of the blanket application of fertilizers which had hitherto been the practice.
According to the firms MD, Mr Danquah Addo-Yobo, “Yara Ghana introduced into the Ghanaian agricultural space, crop specific nutrient solutions that ensured that farmers are able to optimize the use of Yara fertilizer to gain healthier and higher yields in an environmentally sustainable way.”
“We are proud of our achievements and contributions to the agricultural sector in Ghana especially so when we hear the testimonies of farmers including several national award winners who have succeeded in their farming by using our crop nutrition solutions.”
The MD said the company has been supporting women in agriculture and has collaborated with agriculture units of some universities – notably the University of Development Studies in the North, and the University of Ghana, Legon, and also created the platform and supported farmer associations.
“Yara Ghana has been making the results of its yearly research work done together with key agricultural research institutes like Crop Research Institute (CRI), Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG) and Savanna Agricultural Research Institute (SARI) available to other stakeholders in the agricultural value chain through its yearly publication of results of its Trials and Demonstrations,” he said, adding “the results from these research activities have also enabled Yara Ghana to recommend and make available the best quality fertilizer solutions targeted at specific crops as well as provide training for farmers, retailers and distributors on best practices towards enhancing the profitability of the farmer and the value chain.”