In Banda Nyire, Bono Region, Madam Mensah Comfort has transformed her family’s agricultural legacy into a source of success and community empowerment. Starting with 15 acres of cashew in 2015, she now manages an impressive 82 acres of cashew and a total of 180 acres of crops, including maize, yam, and groundnut, as well as poultry and livestock. Despite challenges such as lack of labor, fertilizer, and transportation, she seeks guidance from agricultural officers to continually improve her farm.

She is not only dedicated to her own success but also to empowering other women in her community. She has organized a group of 30 women, teaching them essential farming skills and helping them start their own agricultural ventures. Through her efforts, she supports her family and uplifts her community, showcasing the positive impact of hard work and dedication in agriculture.

In recognition of her achievements, she has been nominated for the Diamond In The Rough Award at the upcoming Women in Food and Agricultural Leadership Training Forum and Gold in the Soil Awards (WOFAGRIC). The event, scheduled for July 9th to 10th, 2024, at Sunyani Technical University, underscores the importance of empowering individuals like Madam Mensah Comfort, who play a crucial role in agricultural development. Themed “Overcoming the Barriers to Women Agribusiness Development: The Role of Stakeholders,” this event will gather over 600 participants for discussions, workshops, exhibitions, and mentorship sessions aimed at fostering sustainable agricultural practices and economic growth.

For the past six years, the Gold in the Soil Awards have honored outstanding women farmers, farmers with disabilities, processors, and women across the entire agricultural value chain who have significantly contributed to Ghana’s agricultural sector. Supported by Global Affairs Canada and Yara Ghana, the event emphasizes the pivotal role of women farmers and individuals with disabilities in ensuring food security and promoting sustainable agricultural practices nationwide.

Madam Mensah Comfort’s story is a powerful example of resilience and dedication in the face of adversity. Her journey from starting with 15 acres of cashew to managing a diverse and expansive farm, while also empowering other women, highlights the significant contributions women can make to agriculture. Her nomination for the Diamond In The Rough Award is a testament to her impact on her community and the agricultural sector in Ghana.