Nana Yaa Esuama Yeboah I, the esteemed queen mother of Jaman South in the Bono Region, has redefined her life and community through farming. At 53 years old, she  manages a remarkable agricultural enterprise in Chiraa, Bono Region, encompassing 25 acres of maize, 6 acres of cassava, 1 acre of plantain, and 5 acres of coconut. Additionally, she oversees a thriving poultry farm with 1,500 birds and a piggery housing 80 pigs.

Nana Yaa’s journey into agriculture began after a challenging period as a trader in Accra. Seeking a new path, she returned to Chiraa and embraced farming, which has since provided her with a sustainable livelihood and significantly improved her quality of life. Her dedication and hard work have enabled her to construct a seven-bedroom house for herself and her children, as well as a four-bedroom house for her farm workers. This transformation underscores the potential of agriculture to create substantial wealth and uplift families.

Through her farming success, she  has also supported her child’s education, who is currently pursuing university studies. Looking ahead, she envisions further growth and expansion of her farming operations. Currently employing four people, she aims to increase her workforce to meet the farm’s expanding needs. With a clear vision and unwavering determination, Nana Yaa continues to be a beacon of inspiration, demonstrating the transformative power of agriculture and its capacity to foster economic growth and community development in the Bono Region.

In recognition of her achievements, Nana Yaa Esuama Yeboah I has been nominated for the Royal Agro Award at the upcoming Women in Food and Agricultural Leadership Training Forum and Gold in the Soil Awards (WOFAGRIC). The event, scheduled for July 9th to 10th, 2024, at Sunyani Technical University, underscores the importance of empowering individuals like Nana Yaa, who play a crucial role in agricultural development. Themed “Overcoming the Barriers to Women Agribusiness Development: The Role of Stakeholders,” this event will gather over 600 participants for discussions, workshops, exhibitions, and mentorship sessions aimed at fostering sustainable agricultural practices and economic growth.The Gold in the Soil Awards will honor outstanding women farmers and individuals with disabilities who have significantly contributed to Ghana’s agricultural sector. Supported by Global Affairs Canada and Yara Ghana, the event emphasizes the pivotal role of women farmers and individuals with disabilities in ensuring food security and promoting sustainable agricultural practices nationwide.