At just 28 years old, Linda Akurupoka is making significant strides in the palm kernel oil industry in Dormaa East, Wamfie, located in the Bono Region. Her entrepreneurial journey has earned her a nomination in the Super Woman Agripreneur category at the upcoming 6th WOFAGRIC-Gold in the Soils Awards, showcasing her remarkable determination and innovative spirit.

Starting with only two sacks of palm nut seeds, Linda has grown her operations to process 11 to 12 sacks daily, yielding an average of four gallons of high-quality oil. The production process involves labor-intensive steps: purchasing palm nut seeds, extracting kernels from them, drying the kernels, and pressing them to obtain the oil. Despite facing challenges such as transportation logistics for raw materials and finished products, as well as a lack of machinery to enhance production efficiency, Linda remains dedicated to meeting the demands of her customers.

Inspired by her mother, who also worked in palm kernel oil processing, Linda’s entrepreneurial journey began due to financial constraints preventing her from pursuing further education. Despite these hurdles, she continues to persevere, overcoming obstacles with a focus on expanding her business. Financial limitations have necessitated relying on daily labor instead of hiring permanent employees.

Linda Akurupoka’s story serves as a powerful testament to the impact of women in agriculture and their potential when provided with support. Her determination and passion exemplify the qualities of a true superwoman agripreneur, inspiring her community and beyond.

As part of its mission to showcase resilience, innovation, and success among women farmers, the Agrihouse Production Team is currently documenting stories across the Bono Region. These efforts highlight the talent and hard work of female farmers and those with disabilities, contributing to a more inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous agricultural sector.

The WOFAGRIC and Gold in the Soil Awards, now in its sixth year, is an annual regional initiative that rotates through various regions of Ghana. This event provides mentorship, networking opportunities, and financial support to over 8,000 women across the agricultural value chain.

Scheduled for July 9th to 10th, 2024, at Sunyani Technical University under the theme “Overcoming the Barriers to Women Agribusiness Development: The Role Of Stakeholders,” the event will feature more than 600 participants engaged in breakout panel discussions, training workshops, exhibitions, trade shows, speed networking, and mentorship sessions. A highlight of the event will be the Gold in the Soil Awards, honoring exceptional women farmers and those with disabilities whose contributions have made a significant impact on the agricultural industry.

As Agrihouse Foundation and Global Affairs Canada and Yara Ghana Limited , continue their efforts towards agricultural transformation, the indispensable role of women farmers and those with disabilities remains central. Their resilience, expertise, and determination play a critical role in ensuring food security, promoting sustainable practices, and driving economic growth.