Isaac Yeboah, a 44-year-old farmer from Chiraa, has emerged as a key figure in local agriculture, particularly in piggery production. Despite not having had formal education, Isaac’s passion for farming has driven him to empower women in his community and make significant contributions to the agricultural sector.

His journey into agriculture began with rearing goats, sheep, and guinea fowl. Over time, he transitioned to full-time piggery production, where he found his niche. Recognizing the potential of farming to transform lives, Isaac has been actively mentoring women in his community, guiding them through the intricacies of piggery production—from husbandry practices to optimizing feed for healthy pig growth.

According to him, he sees farming as a very profitable venture, because It has helped him, especially since I couldn’t attend school. Farming motivates me to strive for a better life for myself and my child.”

“I have helped a lot of women in my community venture into piggery production,” Isaac proudly shares. “Training them on the various processes involved has been fulfilling, knowing it contributes to their livelihoods.”

Isaac has been nominated for the Supportive Agri-Man Award, a newly introduced category by Agrihouse Foundation, For the Gold In The Soil Awards which seeks to  recognize individuals like Isaac who exemplify dedication to supporting and empowering women in agriculture.

The upcoming Women in Food and Agricultural Leadership Training Forum and Gold in the Soil Awards (WOFAGRIC), slated for July 9th to 10th, 2024, at Sunyani Technical University, underscores the importance of empowering individuals like Isaac who play a crucial role in agricultural development. Themed “Overcoming the Barriers to Women Agribusiness Development: The Role of Stakeholders,” this event will gather over 600 participants for discussions, workshops, exhibitions, and mentorship sessions aimed at fostering sustainable agricultural practices and economic growth.

The Gold in the Soil Awards will honor outstanding women farmers and individuals with disabilities who have significantly contributed to Ghana’s agricultural sector. Supported by Agrihouse Foundation, Global Affairs Canada, and Yara, the event emphasizes the pivotal role of women farmers and individuals with disabilities in ensuring food security and promoting sustainable agricultural practices nationwide.