At just 29 years old, Janat Issifu,  from Sunyani in the Bono Region, founded  Wan Hive Ghana to address the challenges faced by women in the agricultural value chain. Her organization supports women farmers by providing market linkage opportunities, identifying their challenges, and designing solutions, programs, and initiatives to empower and mentor them to increase their yields.

Wan Hive Ghana also connects women farmers to successful mentors, offering farmers crucial funding for necessary inputs such as cutlasses, hoes, Wellington boots, and fertilizers and also by linking them to markets, the organization helps prevent post-harvest losses.

Additionally, Wan Hive Ghana connects women farmers to manufacturing companies that add value to their produce. Currently, the organization is assisting some women farmers in registering and certifying their products for local and international markets.Janat’s motivation stems from her desire to empower women and generate interest in agriculture among the youth.According to her, she aims to change the perception that agriculture is only for the elderly by demonstrating its potential as a viable career path for young people. Her efforts have also created employment opportunities, with five permanent workers and three temporary workers currently employed at Wan Hive Ghana.”I believe in the potential of agriculture to transform lives and communities,” says Janat Issifu. “Through Wan Hive Ghana, we’re not just supporting farmers; we’re building a sustainable future for agriculture in Ghana.”she added

Despite the numerous successes, Janat faces challenges, particularly in accessing funding. However, her determination and dedication to her mission remain unwavering.

Janat Issifu has been nominated for the prestigious Princess Carla Awards at Agrihouse Foundation’s 6th Women in Food and Agricultural Leadership Training Forum and Gold in the Soil Awards. Her tireless efforts in empowering women farmers and transforming the agricultural landscape have earned her this distinguished recognition.

“I thank Agrihouse Foundation for this incredible nominations and recognition ,” says Janat Issifu. “This nomination motivates me to continue my work and reinforces the importance of supporting women in agriculture.”

Agrihouse Foundation’s Production Team  are presently traveling  across all districts in the Bono Region, their mission is to document the remarkable achievements shortlisted women farmers and farmers with disabilities in the Bono Region , for the upcoming 6th Women in Food and Agricultural Leadership Training Forum (WOFAGRIC) & The Gold in the Soil Awards, an annual rotational Regional intervention organized by Agrihouse Foundation in partnership with global affairs Canada, captured the story of  Janat.Travelling from district to district, Agrihouse Production Team seeks to capture stories of resilience, innovation, and success, showcasing the immense talent and achievement and hard work of these women farmers in the Eastern Region.Their efforts aim to make a profound impact by highlighting the incredible contributions of women farmers and farmers with disabilities, who pave the way for a more inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous agricultural sector that recognizes the vital role of women in shaping the future of food security.

Global Affairs Canada  and Yara Ghana has for the past six years shown a continued commitment to recognizing the invaluable contributions of women farmers by sponsoring Agrihouse Foundation’s  quest to recognize, honour and celebrate women farmers and farmers with disability.

The 6th Women in Food and Agricultural Leadership Training Forum and Gold in the Soil Awards,  will take place on July 9th to 10th, 2024, at Sunyani Technical University, under the theme “Overcoming the Barriers to Women Agribusiness Development: The Role of Stakeholders,” will bring together stakeholders, industry leaders, women farmers, and advocates to celebrate achievements, share knowledge, and advocate for a more inclusive and prosperous agricultural sector.