Mr. James Boateng, the 2018 National Best Farmer have called on the youth to consider agriculture as a viable career choice.

Delivering an engaging agri-ted talk titled “The Beginning of My Farming Journey” at the ongoing Agricultural Student Career Guidance and Mentorship Bootcamp held at the GNAT Hall, Mr. Boateng shared his personal journey into agriculture, urging aspiring agri-entrepreneurs to embark on their farming ventures with passion and determination.

Emphasizing the significance of perceiving agriculture as a promising career option, he debunked prevalent misconceptions and underscored the vast potential inherent in the agricultural sector. Drawing from his wealth of experience, he illuminated the array of opportunities available to budding farmers and agripreneurs, urging them to approach agriculture with passion and innovation.

‘’I have been in the corporate field for 30 years and I can tell you leaving the corporate job and venturing into agriculture was the best decision I have ever made, now I am making more money from agriculture than I was making in the corporate world. he added

Mr. James Boateng’s poignant Agri-Ted Talk served as a compelling testament to the boundless possibilities within the agricultural landscape and underscores the pivotal role of nurturing emerging agri-leaders. With steadfast determination and unwavering dedication, the youth stand poised to catalyze transformative change and spearhead socio-economic progress in Ghana through agriculture.

This year’s bootcamp is being supported by ADB, Jobberman, Kofi Vinyo, Kofi Ansah (Ahodwo Farms), holland akokor, Lexvee Agro-processing and some of Agrihouse Foundation’s women in agribusiness beneficiaries including Mama Abigial Gyama, Janet Adade, Queen Gafaratu Enterprise, Ayden Ventures, Nanvee Natural Foods, Vinolia Wealth Foods, ZLB Enterprise, Bebefu ventures ,WEID ventures.