The Former Minister For Food And Agriculture , Hon Fiifi Kwettey ,have encouraged  agricultural student and beginner agribusinesses  to believe in themselves to be able to affect change in the country and the world at large .

Giving a Agri Pep Talk on the topic “Activating Your Purpose Through Self-Actualization as a Beginner,”at the 7th Agricultural Student Carrer  Gauidance And Mentorship Dialogue Bootcamp By Agrihouse Foundation ,  Hon. Fiifi Kwettey urged the student and beginner agribusinesses  to believe in their capacity to effect change. He emphasized the transformative power of self-belief and encouraged them to harness their potential to make a meaningful impact in the agricultural sector.

He underscored the importance of self-awareness, passion  and purpose-driven action, emphasizing that every individual possesses the ability to enact positive change within their spheres of influence.

“You must be determined to change the story of Ghana. Every action we take today shapes the narrative of tomorrow. Let us harness our collective determination to cultivate a future where prosperity, innovation, and sustainability flourish across our nation.”he added

Addressing the challenges commonly faced by beginners in the agricultural industry, Hon. Fiifi Kwettey shared personal anecdotes and practical insights. He encouraged participants to embrace failure as a stepping stone to success, highlighting the importance of resilience and perseverance in navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship.

The AG-STUD Bootcamp, known for its commitment to providing guidance and mentorship to agricultural students and novice agri-entrepreneurs, serves as a catalyst for fostering innovation and excellence in the sector. Through engaging dialogues and interactive sessions, the event aims to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and inspiration needed to thrive in the dynamic field of agriculture.

As Hon. Fiifi Kwettey concluded his address, a sense of empowerment permeated the room. His call to activate one’s purpose through self-actualization resonated deeply with the students, igniting a newfound sense of determination and purpose among the bootcampers.