Farmers in the Bono-East Region have praised Agrihouse Foundation for the successful organization of the inaugural Ghana Agrochemicals and Crop Protection Exhibitions and Awards.

Held in collaboration with the Bono East Regional Coordinating Council from Thursday, April 18th to Friday, April 19th, 2024, under the theme “Recognizing Efficiency and Innovation to Drive Sustainable Bumper Harvest,” the two-day event focused on educating farmers about the proper use of agrochemicals and crop protection techniques to enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability in the region and beyond.

Farmers expressed enthusiasm for the wealth of knowledge and resources provided. They cited the exhibitions and awards as instrumental in revolutionizing their farming techniques and enhancing their yields.

Through interactive sessions and demonstrations led by agricultural experts and input suppliers, farmers gained insights into innovative agricultural technologies and sustainable practices.

“The exhibitions and awards have been a game-changer for us. We’ve gained invaluable knowledge on how to improve our yields, manage pests and diseases, and adopt more efficient farming techniques.”

Another farmer highlighted the integration of technology into farming practices, noting, “Technology has now been fully integrated with farming, changing the way we farm. We’ve learned a lot, especially about the application of fertilizers, weedicides, pesticides, and other chemicals in our farms.”

In addition to the knowledge gained, farmers appreciated the opportunity to purchase agricultural inputs at affordable prices.

“Aside from the knowledge we have gained, we also bought a lot of things for a very cheap price,” said one farmer. “We are very grateful for this opportunity, and we look forward to the event next year.”

The two-day event held in partnership with Agromonti company limited, served as a valuable networking platform, allowing farmers to exchange ideas, share best practices, and explore new products and services. Many farmers seized the opportunity to purchase agricultural inputs at discounted rates, further enhancing the economic benefits of their participation.

Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa, Executive Director of the Agrihouse Foundation, expressed satisfaction with the event’s success and the positive feedback received from participants. She emphasized the Foundation’s commitment to addressing the needs and concerns of farmers and input dealers, promising to incorporate their feedback into future events.

attendees also  had the opportunity to embark on an Exhibitions booth tour, exploring various displays showcasing the latest agricultural technologies and products. Among the exhibitors present were leading companies such as showcasing cutting-edge solutions for enhancing crop protection and agricultural productivity.

The farmers also benefited from informative sessions such as the Farmer Clinic and Yara Talk, providing practical tips and advice on optimizing farming practices and maximizing yields. These sessions were accompanied by engaging visuals capturing the dynamic exchange of knowledge and expertise among participants.

Furthermore, attendees participated in the Farmer Products Application and Best Practices session, where exhibitors presented innovative products and solutions aimed at addressing the needs of farmers. Visual documentation of this session captured the enthusiasm and creativity of exhibitors as they showcased their offerings to eager farmers.

Additionally, the event featured a Town Hall session delving into new perspectives on farming and the pre-planting season pathway. This session sparked thought-provoking discussions and provided farmers  with fresh insights into emerging trends and strategies in agriculture.

Exhibiting companies showcased demonstrations and presentations, offering farmers insights into the latest crop protection technologies and best practices for the safe and effective application of these products. Notable exhibitors included Jubaili Agrotec GH, Agrohao Ghana Company Limited, AGROTERRUM GHANA LTD, IWAD GHANA LTD, Sagrisalma Limited Company, WinStep Company Limited, Agri Sigma, GIZ GH/AGRIBIZ, Rainbow Agrosciences, WAAF AGRO LIMITED, Solevo Ghana Ltd, BH FERTAGRO GHANA LIMITED, CROP DOCTOR LIMITED, Yayra Glover group, AgroCrown West Africa Company Ltd, and YARA GHANA LIMITED.

The Ghana Agrochemicals and Crop Protection Exhibitions and Awards also recognized outstanding achievements in the agricultural sector through a prestigious awards ceremony. This acknowledgment of excellence has motivated farmers and industry stakeholders to continue striving for innovation and improvement in their practices recognizing farmers and agrochemical dealers who have played pivotal roles in advocating responsible agrochemical usage and sustainable farming practices in the Bono East Region.

The Awardees included Agromonti Company Limited, who took home the Most Innovative Input Dealer Company award, Yara Ghana Limited was awarded the Leading Crop Nutrition Brand in Ghana, and Tibourataa Women Group from the Northern Region won the Most Promising Input Dealer Company Award.