The Vice President of the Bono East Regional House of Chiefs and Paramount Chief of Basa, Nana Owusu Takyi III, has stressed the vital role of collaborative efforts among stakeholders in advancing agricultural development and sustainability in the Region.

Addressing attendees at the inaugural Ghana Agrochemicals and Crop Protection Exhibitions and Awards, held from April 18th to April 19th, 2024, under the theme “Recognizing Efficiency and Innovation to Drive Sustainable Bumper Harvest,” Nana Owusu Takyi III highlighted the importance of collective action in fostering agricultural growth and sustainability.

He underscored the necessity for increased interventions and support for agriculture, stressing its pivotal role in creating economic opportunities and enhancing farmers’ livelihoods. “Investment in agriculture is vital for the economic development and well-being of our farming communities,” remarked Nana Owusu Takyi III. “By equipping farmers with essential tools, knowledge, and support, we empower them to enhance their yields and standard of living.”

Additionally, he emphasized the importance of attracting friendly outside investment to bolster agricultural development in the region. Furthermore, Nana Owusu Takyi III highlighted the necessity of educating farmers on the proper utilization of agrochemicals and crop protection techniques, noting that such knowledge not only enhances productivity but also strengthens farmers’ purchasing power.In praising the efforts of the Agrihouse Foundation for bringing this initiative to the Bono East Region, Nana Owusu Takyi III expressed optimism that continued support and investment would lead to significant growth and improvement in the region’s agricultural sector.