The  Bono -East Regional Director for Agriculture , Mr. James Adu, has highlighted the critical role of initiatives like the Ghana Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibitions & Awards (GACA) in propelling agricultural growth and sustainability in the country .

Speaking at the inaugural Ghana Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibitions & Awards (GACA) held in Techiman by Agrihouse Foundation from Thursday, April 18th, to Friday, April 19th, 2024, under the theme”Recognizing Efficiency and Innovation to Drive Sustainable Bumper Harvest,” Mr. James Adu emphasized the significance of such endeavours in tackling the challenges confronting farmers and fostering agricultural innovation.

He expressed gratitude to Agrihouse Foundation for spearheading the initiative and extended appreciation to all sponsors, stakeholders, farmers, and exhibitors for their invaluable contributions to the agricultural sector. Underscoring the collective efforts required to ensure that farmers have the requisite tools, resources, and support to flourish and prosper.

”Over the years, through sheer determination and resilience, our farmers have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to feeding our nation and driving agricultural growth. The Bono Region boasts fertile lands, dedicated farmers, and a rich agricultural heritage that serves as the bedrock of our economy.

However, it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the challenges that our farmers face on a daily basis. From erratic weather patterns and pest infestations to limited access to quality agricultural inputs, our farmers grapple with numerous obstacles that threaten their livelihoods and the sustainability of our agricultural sector. The pre-planting season, in particular, presents its own set of challenges, as farmers strive to prepare their lands and safeguard their crops against potential threats.

It is against this backdrop that initiatives like the Ghana Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibitions & Awards (GACA) take on added significance. This platform not only provides our farmers with access to a wide range of innovative agrochemicals and crop protection solutions but also fosters knowledge exchange and collaboration among key stakeholders in the agricultural value chain.

By showcasing the latest advancements in agrochemicals and crop protection measures, this exhibition equips our farmers with the tools and knowledge they need to enhance productivity, minimize crop losses, and ultimately achieve sustainable bumper harvests”.