Agrihouse Foundation, in collaboration with the Queen Mothers Foundation, Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the  Ministry of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, will on Thursday, February 29, 2024 host the 6th annual Gathering of The Royals .

The event to be held at the GNAT Hall in Accra, under the theme “Seeds of Change: Cultivating Gender Equality in Agriculture and Honoring Women’s Advancement,”, promises a day packed with enlightening discussions and valuable networking opportunities.

Speaking at the press briefing for the 6th Gathering of the Royals, Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa, the Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation, outlined the event’s objective to delve into issues surrounding gender and its impact on advancing and nurturing sustainable women farmers across various regions of Ghana. delving into the pivotal roles of queen-mothers in spearheading agricultural growth, development, and change within their respective regions.

Ms. Akosa passionately emphasized the significance of this year’s Gathering of The Royals as a strategic platform for influencing policy directions, forging stronger partnerships among traditional leaders, and driving comprehensive growth in the agricultural sector.

Speaking ardently about the theme, “Seeds of Change: Cultivating Gender Equality in Agriculture and Honoring Women’s Advancement,” Ms.Akosa ,underlined the pressing need to address gender disparities within the agricultural landscape.

The Executive Director stressed the theme’s emphasis on cultivating gender equality in agriculture, advocating for concerted efforts to empower women in agribusiness and afford them equal opportunities for growth and advancement. Ms. Akosa highlighted the indispensable role of women in agriculture, while lamenting the systemic barriers they often encounter, hindering their full participation and contribution to the sector’s development.

Through this year’s event, Ms. Akosa reiterated the intention to celebrate and honor the achievements of women in agriculture, alongside championing meaningful policy interventions and support systems that promote gender equality. She emphasized the importance of fostering an inclusive agricultural ecosystem that recognizes and values the contributions of women farmers, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

The  Queen Mother for Kwamankese Traditional Area , Nana Kobiiwaa Ackwah, speaking on behalf of the President of the Queen Mothers Foundation, Nana Serwaa Bonsu, at the press briefing, stated the crucial role of Queen Mothers in driving agricultural development within their communities.

“Queen mothers are the backbone of their communities,” Ackwah stated, highlighting their firsthand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities in their regions. She stressed the importance of leveraging this knowledge and expertise through collaboration with Agrihouse Foundation to find innovative solutions that can positively impact the agricultural sector across Ghana.

Nana Kobiiwaa Ackwah, shared that the Queen Mothers Foundation of Ghana has been actively involved in empowering women in agriculture, providing training and resources to enhance their skills and productivity. She urged  the need for continued support and partnerships to ensure the success and sustainability of these initiatives.

She expressed gratitude to Agrihouse Foundation for consistently creating platforms to address agricultural issues through various initiatives, reiterating  their commitment to creating an inclusive and collaborative environment where the voices of queen mothers are heard, respected, and valued