On Wednesday, September 6th, 2023,  Agrihouse Foundation made a significant stride in Ghana’s agricultural sector as it launched the 13th Annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Exhibition and Conference. The event took place at the AGRIHOUSE AGRI-VILLAGE TRAINING AND DEMONSTRATION CENTRE, located in Bamvim, Tamale, within the Northern region of Ghana.

In collaboration with the Northern Regional Coordinating Council (NRCC), the 13th Annual Pre-harvest Agribusiness Exhibition and Conference is scheduled for October 24th to 26th, 2023, at the AGRIHOUSE AGRI-VILLAGE TRAINING AND DEMONSTRATION CENTRE in Bamvim, Tamale. The event will encompass conference sessions, presentations, exhibitions, and a marketplace for fostering business-to-business interactions.

This year’s 13th annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Exhibition and Conference revolves around the theme, ‘Connecting the Unconnected,’ the farmer ,the input dealer and the processor ”aims at bridging the gaps between farmers, processors, and input dealers. This theme reflects the event’s unwavering commitment to fostering collaboration and synergy across the entire agricultural value chain, ultimately bolstering Ghana’s agricultural sector.

Speaking at the launch, the Northern Regional Minister, Hon. Alhaji Shani Alhassan Shaibu, expressed his gratitude to the Agrihouse Foundation for creating a platform that annually unites stakeholders from various sectors of agriculture. He emphasized the Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Exhibitions and Conference as a consistent avenue for the Northern Region to showcase its immense agricultural potential, glean wisdom from industry experts, and form invaluable connections.

One of the highlights of the event was the commitment from the Northern Regional Coordinating Council to collaborate with the Agrihouse Foundation in transforming the Agrihouse Agri-village Training and Demonstration Center in Bamvim into a model agricultural site. This collaboration is set to inspire and empower local farmers and agribusinesses in the region, fostering growth and innovation in the agricultural sector.

The Minister also highlighted the importance of empowering women in agriculture and called for comprehensive training and mentorship programs to enhance their participation, leadership, and economic independence within the agricultural value chain. He recognized the significant role of engaging and empowering the youth, who represent the future of agriculture, and expressed his aspirations for the Pre-Harvest event to evolve into a premier agricultural gathering that benefits a growing number of farmers, women, and youth.

The Head of Growth and Partnership for Agrihouse Foundation, Michael Opuni-Frimpong shared insights into what attendees can anticipate at the 13th Annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Exhibition and Conference, set to occur from October 24th to 26th, 2023. He promised a dynamic platform for knowledge sharing, networking, field training, collaboration, business, and exploration of the latest agricultural innovations.

In an earlier release, Ms. Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa, the Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation, highlighted the organization’s dedication to promoting sustainable agriculture in Ghana and the pivotal role of the Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Exhibition Conference in achieving this mission. She emphasized how the event has brought various stakeholders together, facilitating contract negotiations, establishing market linkages, and enhancing the capabilities of those involved in the agricultural value chain.

Ms. Akosa emphasized the importance of collaboration and partnership in driving agricultural transformation, reflecting the theme of this year’s event, ‘Connecting the Unconnected.’the farmer, the input dealer and the processor’’ She shared her vision of an event that contributes to the growth and prosperity of Ghana’s agriculture, uniting farmers, processors, input dealers, and stakeholders in the entire agricultural value chain.The event promises to be an enriching experience for all stakeholders, from farmers in the field to processors and input dealers, contributing to a more vibrant and sustainable agricultural sector in Ghana.

Activities for the three (3) days event, will include:
Bringing together a diverse spectrum of participants, including farmer groups, farmer-based organizations, aggregators, buyers, students, smallholders, and commercial farmers, the Commodity Breakout Session aims to provide invaluable insights into excelling within the agricultural value chain.

A dedicated networking session, the Farmer-Buyer Matchmaking event is tailored for farmers to engage with potential wholesale buyers and various agribusinesses along the value chain. During this dynamic session, both farmers and buyers have the opportunity to forge connections and seal deals that can shape the trajectory of their agricultural endeavours.

Spanning the entirety of the three-day event, an engaging -exhibition showcase will unfold, creating a space for buying and selling at affordable prices. This dynamic platform serves as a hub for exploring the latest innovations, products, and services that are driving advancements in the agricultural sector ranging from Crop Varieties, Seeds, Farm Equipment and Machinery, Agrochemicals and Fertilizers, Livestock among others
At the heart of the three-day event, the Field Demonstrations stand out as a prominent highlight. Here, farmers and industry participants engage in practical learning, gaining firsthand experience and adopting best practices in farm management. Hosted at the Agrihouse Foundation Agri-Village, this immersive experience aims to equip attendees with tangible skills that can enhance their agricultural practices.

As the event approaches, anticipation is building for these multifaceted sessions that collectively aim to foster knowledge sharing, collaboration, and growth within Ghana’s agricultural landscape. Stay tuned for an enriching experience that celebrates innovation, connectivity, and progress.

The three days event is expected to provide participants with a common platform where diverse services linked to the Agric sector will converge to provide mutually beneficial ends
Participants will be taken through practical and engaging sessions to enable them gain deeper insights into best practices and how to take advantages of the numerous opportunities in the agriculture sector.
The three-day event will feature sessions designed to give participants in-depth insight into the state of the agriculture industry today and inherent opportunity. such as commodity break-out sessions, intensive and focused training programs, farmer -buyer matchmaking dialogue, training, panel education sessions, field demonstrations, keynotes, and exhibitions while displaying, promoting business, and creating networking opportunities

We invite all stakeholders and value chain actors, to get ready, to embark on an Agribusiness Adventure like never before.  Join us from october  24-26, 2023 at the Agrihouse foundation Agri village, Bamvim in the Northern Region, as we for the   highly anticipated 13th edition of the pre-harvest agribusiness exhibitions and conference event.
Discover the ultimate platform that connects farmers, market players and agribusinesses, unlocking endless opportunities for growth, innovation and success.
The 13t edition of the Pre-harvest event, is designed as an ideal scenario to foster collaborations and integration, within the industry.
Over the course of the three days, participants will have the opportunity to exchange experiences, explore appropriate technologies, enhance productivity and create a network of opportunities.
Don’t miss out on this transformative event making waves in the agricultural industry over a decade now.

The Annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Conference and Exhibitions event, for the past 12 years, have provided and created market linkages and built the capacity of over 150,000 value chain actors and stakeholders.

Beneficiaries and participants of the annual Preharvest event ranges from farmer groups, buyers, development partners, policy makers, agribusinesses, ICT professionals, and aggregators. Others include input dealers, equipment and machinery dealers, transporters, financial institutions, telecommunication companies, out growers, civil society, and processors, who converge in the Northern Region, to network, exhibit, share knowledge, train, engage in field demonstration activities and most importantly, negotiate and seal deals.

The intervention has served as a stimulating platform for match-making, exchange, agribusiness development, stakeholder linkages, and has brought about growth in local economies, through the creation of expanded agribusiness opportunities. It has also assisted in removing constraints on market access for farmers and agribusinesses who require access to lucrative markets and economic opportunities to improve their livelihoods and those of their families.

The annual Pre-harvest event, culminates with conference events, presentations, exhibitions, and a marketplace for business-to-business meetings.

It continuous to serve as a dynamic platform for farmers to negotiate and seal contracts and strengthen the capacity of Farmer-Based Organizations (FBOs), Aggregators, Processors, and value chain actors for them to play a key role as agricultural market actors.

 It has assisted over 64,000 farmers and agribusinesses to expand their businesses both before and after harvesting.

After twelve (12) successful editions, and through feedbacks and testimonies, we are confident to say, the Annual Pre-harvest event, has lived up to its overall goal of creating markets and linking farmers to buyers.
Over five billion USD business deals, has been generated through the event over the years.

In 2022, the event recorded a total of 3700 participants, over the 3-day event, with about 210 exhibitors, who included farmers, input dealers, equipment and machinery dealers, Irrigation dealers, financial institutions, telecommunication companies

Others were processors, development partners, insurance companies, non-governmental organizations and government agencies .

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