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It is the 10th Anniversary of the Leading and by far, the largest Agribusiness market linkage platform in Ghana, and we are so excited to invite you to join us, celebrate a decade of linking markets, creating markets and accessing markets, within the agricultural value chains.


We are also hoping, you could be part of our two (2) day events, to support us share, train, build capacity and impart knowledge to our participating farmers and value chain actors, within our outlined thematic focuses and topics. (Please see attached detailed program outline)


This year, Agrihouse Foundation is partnering with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the Northern Regional Coordinating Council and other public and private organizations to continue the discussions, identify interventions and solutions for long term market development and Technological opportunities for farmers and value chain actors.


 As you maybe aware, The Pre-harvest, has for the past years, been of immense benefit to over 100,000 farmers and agribusinesses in the agricultural value chains.

It serves as a stimulating platform for match-making, exchange, agribusiness development, increased stakeholder linkages and growth in local economies through creation of expanded agribusiness opportunities.

It has also assisted to remove constraints of market access to farmers and agribusinesses, who require access to lucrative markets and economic opportunities to improve their livelihoods and those of their families.

 The event has consistently and continuously driven growth and sustainable development among actors, through our educative, interactive and practical training sessions and is steadily strengthening the future of agriculture, improving market accessibility, increasing yields and returns, expanding businesses, creating an enabling environment for new partnerships and promoting dialogue amongst value chain actors, especially farmers, buyers, processors, transporters, input dealers, financial institutions, telecom companies, among others.


Though there have been great gains over the years as spelt out in the above, the Covid-19 pandemic is predicted to have had significant impact on farmers and farming activities.

By understanding the issues, we can support the capacity of the vulnerable, further explore means to sustain and scale the farming businesses up, adopt new practices and ways of increasing yields and returns, whiles engaging them in decision-making processes.


In addition to continued Trainings, this year’s event will culminate with conferencing events, presentations, virtual and physical exhibitions, field demonstrations, commodity break-out sessions, Farmer-to-buyer contract negotiation sessions and a market place for business to business meetings.

We are by this, kindly requesting you to Partner us in building capacity of our farmers and also support with the organization of the 2-day event.

You can participate as a

a. Trainer / Speaker

b. Exhibitor

c. Field demonstrator  

We will be excited to discuss partnership options with you.

Please reach us on 0244 623 012 / 0596 914 149 or via email, / , should you need further clarification or information.

Looking forward to welcoming you

Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa

Executive Director

Agrihouse Foundation

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