Do you or your businesses buy rice, maize or sorghum?
Do you or your business provide any service for players in the rice, maize and sorghum value chains?

Can your business help 2scale meet its project indicators?

VENUE: Akayet Hotels – Bolgatanga
DATE: Monday 22nd June to Thursday 25th June 2020 (22nd June arrival, 25th June Departure)
DURATION: 2 days

All prescribed COVID-19 prevention protocols will be strictly adhered to.
Limited seats available.
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NB: is an incubator program that manages a portfolio of public-private partnerships (PPPs) for inclusive business in agri-food sectors and industries. 2SCALE offers a range of support services to its business champions (SMEs and farmer groups) and partners, enabling them to produce, transform and supply quality food products. These products go to local and regional markets, including to base of the pyramid consumers.