Experience has shown that the collective effort of government and the private sector is usually effective in achieving rapid results. In the agric industry, the need for collaboration is even more crucial. The input of thriving firms adds impetus to government programmes and helps make implementation less a hassle.

Indeed, the monumental significance of agriculture and the chief role it plays in keeping our economy alight and alive means every effort geared towards improving agriculture must be a concern for all–and-sundry.

The local economy is akin to a boat with the government and  private sector players aboard –it is the collective responsibility of both to pedal this boat towards prosperity-and agric presents a huge opportunity to massively pedal a ‘boat’ that is bound to generously reward government and private sector alike should both show commensurate commitment through deepened support for agriculture.

The 9th edition of the annual pre-harvest conference and exhibitions billed for the Northern Regional Capital, Tamale will once again provide stakeholders a unique opportunity to contribute even more to the cause of a better local agric industry. Among the firms set to take centre stage at the agric showpiece this year is oil and gas giant, Kosmos Energy Ghana.

Since setting-up shop in Ghana, The oil and gas giant has through its ‘Kosmos Innovation Centre’ initiative given a new lease of life to agriculture. Having conceived the idea as a means of contributing to the growth of society, the company has since 2016, nurtured and funded the establishment of several enterprises, while several other start-ups have benefitted greatly from the ‘Kosmos Incubation Programme’.

Having supported the last edition of preharvest, Kosmos Energy Ghana has once again made a stout commitment to play a central role this year.

Responding to a pre-event questionnaire, the firm revealed the motivation for sponsoring the event. “Kosmos Energy found oil in commercial quantities for Ghana in 2007.  The impact of the oil find has moved Ghana’s development forward.  Since then, Kosmos has implemented several social initiatives with the aim to invest in Ghana beyond oil and gas.  In 2016 we created the Kosmos Innovation Center our flagship social investment programme.  This programme allows us to invest in young entrepreneurs and small businesses who are interested in seeing Ghana develop. We empower entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into viable, self-sustaining businesses and we work alongside promising small businesses to help them scale and reach their full potential.  With the programme currently focused on Agriculture, Kosmos Energy sees the Pre-harvest event as a laudable project and aligned with our vision of solving challenges within the sector through collaboration.”





The  Kosmos Innovation Centre has a commitment to innovative agriculture and has demonstrated this by mentoring and supporting business that have been built to provide simple, yet innovative solutions for the local agric sector. The company believes that the future of agriculture is technology and has therefore taken a keen interest in young start-ups that believe in the potential of using technology to rapidly advance agriculture. Consequently, the company has extended generous support to agric-inclined businesses like Agrocentre, Agroseal, Rent -a –Farm, Trotro Tractor etc.

Among the milestones achieved by the Kosmos Innovation Centre is the successful funding and mentorship of inspiring indigenous businesses who went on to win AgriTech Challenge in 2016 and 2017.Refreshingly ,these companies are now budding entities that are making inroads in the Ghanaian business space.

“Since its inception in 2016, the Kosmos Innovation Center has created fourteen innovative start-up businesses providing solutions to key challenges within the agricultural value chain.  Given the array of agribusiness companies participating in this year’s event, we expect to use this platform to provide exposure for the 14 businesses created over the past three years within the space, to take advantage of business to business collaboration, to acquire new customer base to create opportunity for expansion, to network and share ideas to promote innovation in agriculture “



Arena of Knowledge

The ‘Arena of Knowledge’ is a unique event module conceived by organizers to give Kosmos Energy Ghana the opportunity to impact participants. Impressed with the quality of training offered under the firmsKosmos Innovation Centre’ project, organizers are confident that the platform will provide a unique opportunity for knowledge impartation and networking.

Topics to be handled by officials of the firm during the 3-day programme include: How will Ghana’s Agric Sector look like in 2023? What collective role can stakeholders play to change the face of the Agricultural sector, with a focus on input, production, processing, finance, branding, packaging and market accessibility? What Technological Innovations in Agriculture can attract the Modern Youth?, How do we breed the next generation of Agricultural Entrepreneurs? , Branding for commercial impact,  Startup successes in the agricultural value chain. Etc.

Kosmos is a full-cycle deepwater independent oil and gas exploration and production company focused on the Atlantic Margins. The firm’s key assets include production offshore Ghana, Equatorial Guinea and U.S. Gulf of Mexico, as well as a world-class gas development offshore Mauritania and Senegal. We also maintain a sustainable exploration program balanced between proven basin infrastructure-led exploration (Equatorial Guinea and U.S. Gulf of Mexico), emerging basins (Mauritania, Senegal and Suriname) and frontier basins (Cote d’Ivoire, Namibia and Sao Tome and Principe). Kosmos is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange and is traded under the ticker symbol KOS. As an ethical and transparent company, Kosmos is committed to doing things the right way. The Company’s Business Principles articulate its commitment to transparency, ethics, human rights, safety and the environment.

This year, the annual agricultural showpiece organized by, Agri-house Foundation, in partnership with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA), Northern Regional Coordinating Council, Northern Development Authority, and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) ADVANCE is set to bring together stakeholders to interact, share expertise and do business form September 25-27, 2019 in Tamale.

Expected to present participants with three (3) exciting days of impact, this year’s pre-harvest event will be held at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium, where an estimated 2000 participants are expected to savour what is arguably the single biggest gathering of agric-industry firms on a unique platform designed to facilitate knowledge exchange and business development.

Event Basis

Billed under the theme, “Market accessibility: The Structured and Sustainable Pathway”, the Pre-harvest Agribusiness Exhibition and Conference is an interventional forum that presents realistic opportunities for various value chain actors in the agric sector to meet, discuss business, contracts and work together as a coherent team whose goal is to ensure that enough produce is available locally for consumption; thereby mitigating the risks associated with excessive importation. The annual agric showpiece is made up of farmers, public and private sector business officials and other stakeholders who collectively share an innate desire to see an improved agricultural sector for Ghana.

According to organisers, the event will provide participants a platform where diverse services linked to the agric sector, such as seed production, fertilizer, finance, fisheries, storage, machinery, livestock, and packaging & processing, ICT among others will interact for mutually beneficial ends. Participants will be taken through practical and engaging sessions at the conference to enable them gain deeper insights into best practices as well as  how to take full advantage of the numerous opportunities in the agric sector for growth and expansion.

Last year, the event recorded a total of 3,122 participants and 141 exhibitors including farmers, traders, commodity brokers, input companies, machinery and equipment providers, transporters, financial institutions, ICT, Innovations, Poultry and Livestock companies, packaging and processing companies, development practitioners and government agencies, among others; and subsequently clinched  the Agribusiness event of the Year award.


Organizers believe that the showpiece will ultimately help address and find lasting solutions to a myriad of challenges confronting the industry today by

assisting farmers and agri-businesses expand their businesses before and after harvest and creating an enabling environment for new partnerships to promote the growth of Ghana’s agricultural sector.

Initiated in October 2010 in Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana by the USAID ADVANCE, the Annual Pre-harvest Agribusiness Exhibitions and Conference event   allows for further growth, sustainability and expansion. The USAID ADVANCE project has partnered with and subsequently handed over the organization of Pre-Harvest event to Agrihouse Foundation.

Event Structure

For optimum impact, organizers have designed event sessions to give participants in-depth insight into the state of the industry today and the opportunities that lie ahead.Commodity Break-out session, Intensive and focused Training Programs, Farmer to Buyer Dialogue, Development Partner Forum are some of the sessions designed for the benefit of participants.

In the same strain, Panel Education sessions will revolve around pertinent topics like Climate-smart agricultural approach and practices, Achieving an Innovative integrated food security & nutrition results,  Market accessibility pathway, Production, process and export impact  to Rural development and Food security .

Training Sessions designed to improve that capacity of participants for improved productivity will bother on Warehousing and Storage technologies for post-harvest losses, Basic-to-advanced Financial Literacy education for Farmer Groups, Improving high and quality yields through appropriate production practices, Branding for Marketing Commercial Impact, Going digital to  promote and grow your market, Developing a Business plan and Negotiation Skills .

Other pertinent topics to be addressed include: Together, what can What can Government and Corporate organizations do to support and bridge the gap of pricing and access? How structured and competitive is Governments projects, subsidy and initiatives impacting on the markets and accessibility? How can we boost and build a vibrant and competitive seed and fertilizer sector? Cost effective and accessible access to input and produce – The pathway?, Basic -to-advance financial literacy education for farmer groups, warehousing and storage technologies for post-harvest losses etc.


There will also be a Business-to-Business Matchmaking session, Educational Field Trips, Policy Dialogue: Fertilizer subsidy policy boost / Update on Export for rural development and Exhibitions.

The 9th Pre-harvest Agribusiness Exhibitions and Conference is organized by Agrihouse Foundation, A non-governmental agricultural social impact, capacity building, innovation and project management organization with a special focus on changing the perception of, and consciously shaping the conversation on agriculture through the promotion of people-impact initiatives and programs for students, women, farmers, farming associations, agribusinesses and the entire actors within the value chain, in partnership with USAID ADVANCE, UKaid, The MADE Programme, Yara Ghana, Ecobank, Kosmos Energy, Chemico, Ghana Commodity Exchange, the Northern Regional Coordinating Council and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.